Marketing Home Page

Only Available With Pro and Enterprise Subscriptions.

What is the Marketing Home Page?

This is your main stop for Marketing with ServiceMonster. Here you can view and track your campaigns, make new campaigns, and update and create your marketing templates.

+ Campaign

This is a shortcut to create a new campaign. Follow this link to learn more about building campaigns

+ Lead Source

This is a shortcut to creating a new Lead Source. Follow this link to learn more about the purpose of Lead Source’s and how to utilize them

Lead Sources:

Clicking on this box allows you to see all of your lead sources, as well as edit ones you currently use, archive ones that are no longer relevant, or create new ones.


Clicking this box leads you to the list of all your active campaigns. From this page, you can view all of your campaigns, active or not, and create new campaigns or lead sources. For a guide to making campaigns go here.

Drip Campaigns:

This leads you to your list of drip campaigns. Here you can view and edit current active or disabled drip campaigns, or create new Drip Campaigns.


Here you can create, view, and edit email, SMS, and marketing templates. For a guide to creating and editing Marketing templates go here.

Social Media:

Here you can add links to your business's social media page that are used in Social Media Data Tags. Click here to learn more about setting these up.

Custom Fields:

Here you can create or edit custom email tags. Click here to learn more about setting these up.

New Accounts by Month:

Shows a count of new accounts created each month in a rolling 12 month period. With the Y-axis (left) being the number of accounts, and the X-axis (bottom) representing Months.

Hovering over any of the data points will show you an exact count for that month and hovering between two data points will show you exact count for both months simultaneously.

Repeat Customers by Lead Source (90 Days):

This graph shows you which lead sources have the most repeat customers,

Top Campaigns:

An in-depth version of the home page dashboard.  Not only shows campaign conversions, but also ROI.

Campaign: Campaign/Lead Source name

Responses: Conversions (invoices) that are tied to this campaign

Revenue: Revenue received for all conversions tied to this campaign

Cost: How much was spent to obtain these leads

ROI: Return on your investment so you can properly track which marketing efforts are actually bringing in customers

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a “lead source” and what’s the difference between that and a “campaign?”

Lead sources are simply identifying which marketing efforts brought in a customer (or repeat order).  For all intents and purposes, lead sources and campaigns are identical when comparing results.  However, since we use the term “campaign” for our internal marketing efforts and you may as well, we wanted to ensure there was no confusion.

What is a “conversion?”

When an order is invoiced with said lead source attached.

How can I improve campaign results?

Check out this podcast with our CEO and Marketing Coordinator!