Lead Sources

Only Available With Pro and Enterprise Subscriptions.

What are Lead Sources?

You can think of Lead Sources as the way that your clients are finding out about your business, or the reason that they are coming back to you for more work. They could be marketing campaigns, Google reviews, a friendly neighbor, and so much more.

Tracking your Lead Sources is essential for growing your business. By tracking your Lead Sources you are able to see what Marketing efforts are the most successful, and thus devote more time or money to the sources that will generate more business for you.

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How to Make a New Lead Source

How to Apply a Lead Source

Lead Source Reports

How To Make A New Lead Source:

Lead Sources can be made three ways: when applying a Lead Source to an account (more information on that in the Apply a Lead Source section), by creating a new Marketing Campaign, or through the Lead Sources page.

Marketing Campaigns made in ServiceMonster automatically appear as Lead Sources. You can learn more about creating Marketing Campaigns here.

Lead Sources Page:

Go to Marketing, then click on Lead Sources.

Click "New Lead Source"

Add in the information about the Lead Source, then click "Save"

Your Lead Source is now created and will now be visible from the Lead Source drop-down menu.

How To Apply A Lead Source:

Quick Add:

To access Quick Add, click on the Quick Add button at the top of the screen (Blue plus sign).

Here you can click on the Lead Source box to add in the source.

Choose between a Campaign or Account

Campaign: What marketing campaign (e-mail, phone, flyers, radio, tv commercial, etc…) brought the customer in.

Account: Who (account name) referred this new customer to your business.

Create a new Lead Source by selecting the "+ New" Button and typing it in.


To add a Lead Source to an account, go to the Accounts List, then click on the Account Name.

On the Account's Details page, find the Lead Source box

Assign a Campaign or Account to that account, or Create a new Lead Source by selecting the "+ New" Button and typing it in.


Go to the order page (either by searching for the order, entering from the account page, or from the Order List)In the Order Details on the right-hand side of the page, click on Lead Source.

Assign a Campaign or Account to that account, or Create a new Lead Source by selecting the "+ New" Button and typing it in.

Lead Source Reports:

There are two ways you can track how effective your Lead Sources are from the page for the Lead Source, or from your Reports.

Lead Source Page:

Open up the Marketing page, and click on Lead Sources.

Click on the name of the Lead Source you want to know more about.

Here you will be able to see the details of the Lead Source, as well as the campaign's results on the right-hand side


To track your Lead Sources and how successful they are, you can view the following Reports by going to the Reports page.

Accounts Referrals (Detailed): Details which Account converted and the Invoice they are associated with.

Included: Invoice number, name of the account that referred them, conversion totals, revenue from that Account

Accounts By Lead Source (Detailed): Details what Accounts were acquired by what Campaign.

Included: Campaign name, Account acquisition date, Company name (if applicable), total payment amount on the Invoice that the lead source is attached to.

Campaign Results: Details performance of each Campaign.

Included: Campaign name, type, Campaign responses, conversions, conversion percentages, total revenue from Campaign

Invoices By Lead Source (Detailed): Details new and repeat customers

Included: Date the Order was invoiced, Invoice number, total amount, Account name, Account information, and the grand total of Invoice BEFORE tax