Social Media Merge Fields And Custom Email Fields

Only Available With Pro and Enterprise Subscriptions.

Why Should I Use Social Media Merge Fields?

Keeping up on your social media is basically a requirement when it comes to growing your businesses today. You can keep in touch with past clients, make reviewing easy, and help future clients find your business. What can you do to help those social media pages grow? Take advantage of social media merge field! That way, in every email estimate, thank you, or campaign you set up your social media is always included and easy to find!

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Social Media Merge Fields

Custom Merge Fields

Adding Merge Fields into Email or Marketing Templates

Setting Up Social Media Merge Fields:

First, go to the Marketing page, then click on Social Media

Here is where you can add links to all of your social media sites. (You can also access all of your templates from this page by clicking on the other tabs)

Simply go to your businesses' Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc., and copy and paste the link from it into the "URL" section.

Note about Google Reviews:

Adding the Google link works a bit differently:

In Google, search for your business.

It should show up on the right-hand side of the search results

Click on the "# Google reviews" link included in your businesses information

Copy the link from this page

Past that into the Google Social Media spot

That way clients can be directed into your google reviews easily.

Custom Merge Fields

What About "____" Website?

If you use a social media or website we don't have included already in our merge fields list, you can make a Custom Email Merge Field.

To do this, within the Templates page, go to the "Custom Merge Fields" tab.

Click "Add Custom Merge Field"

Fill out all of the information:

Select how the Merge Field is displayed: "Link Only" will be just a link, "Link & Image" will include a small image (such as the logo for the social media you are using)

Text: This is what the name of the social media or link should be.

Link: The link to your businesses' page on this site

Merge Field: This is the custom Merge Field that you can use to include this link on an email template (More on that in just a bit)

Click "Save" and you're set!

Adding Merge Fields into Templates:

On the Templates page, click on the "Email Templates" or "Marketing Templates" tab

Open up the template you would like to work on by clicking on its name.

If you have the newest version of our email templates, then you will already be able to scroll down and see these merge fields at the bottom of the page.

What are merge fields, you may ask?  They use the information you already have entered into ServiceMonster, such as company information, client information, or in this case social media information, and enters it into the email for you! Saving time and making your templates work for everyone!

These fields will automatically show up as photo links at the bottom of emails as long as you have already gone in and set up your social media links. If you don't have a specific type of social media no worries, if you haven't gone in and added a URL in, then it won't show up in the email.

If you have a custom email merge field to add or need to update an old template, click on where you would like it to go, then click on the "Advanced Options" button on the toolbar (looks like a clothing tag).

Scroll to find the custom merge field you created, and click on it.

It will be inserted into the template.

Use the "Preview" button at the top of the page to make sure you like how the layout looks

If you are happy, click "Save"

And that's it!  It's a super simple step that can support your business's growth and keep you and your clients connected!