Navigating ServiceMonster

Navigating ServiceMonster

Starting using a new system can be intimidating, but have no fear! With one main menu and a title bar that is available from every page on the site, you will get into the swing of navigating ServiceMonster in no time!

The Title bar

Along the top of the site is our title bar. This is accessible from anywhere on the site and provides easy access to tools to make your ServiceMonster experience easy.

Search Bar

Clicking on this magnifying glass opens our search bar. You can search by name, phone number, site address, order number, and email address. Our system will find and show you any possible matching accounts or orders.

Quick Add

Clicking on this button opens up the Quick Add. This is the easiest way to create a new Account, Order, and to schedule appointments. For a full walk through of using the Quick Add, Click here.

Refer a Friend

Clicking on this button allows you to refer a friend to use ServiceMonster. If your friend decides to keep using ServiceMonster for 30 days once they start their subscription to will qualify for a free month of ServiceMonster.

New Scheduling Window

This button opens up your schedule in a new tab. This is the quickest way to get to your schedule and is great if you like to do a lot of your work right from the schedule. For more information on using the schedule, click here.

Recent Activity

This button shows your the last 15 accounts, orders, and activities you were working with and allows you to easily navigate back to them. This is helpful if you need to make a quick edit to an account or order you were working on.


This opens up our help menu, where you can easily access our In App Training, Online Help, Our Blog, or the Contact Us page. Use this when you are feeling stumped and need some extra help.

Account Into

Here you can access your User Profile, Subscription info, Password reset, Change Theme, and Log Out.

The Navigator

The navigator, or left-hand side menu, is your main way of getting around on ServiceMonster.

This menu might also look different depending on your Subscription level.

To go to a page, click on the category name to go to the main page for that category.

There are eleven main categories, Home, Leads, Accounts, Orders, Scheduling, Marketing, FMS, Reports, Dashboards, MarketPlace, and Settings.


Contains home dashboards with helpful business information

For more articles on Home, Click Here.


Contains your Leads and Opportunities

For more articles on Leads, Click Here.


Contains your Account List, Activities, Billing, and Contracts List.

For more articles on Accounts, Click Here.


Contains your Order List, Payments, Commissions, Accounting, and Print Settings.

For more articles on Orders, Click Here.


Contains your Schedule, Appt List, Recurring Appts, Reminder List, Notifications, and Routes.

For more articles on Scheduling, Click Here.


Contains your Lead Sources, Campaigns, Drip Campaigns, Templates, Social Media, and Custom Fields.

For more articles on Marketing, Click Here.


Contains FMS Orders, FMS Campaigns, FMS Cards Sent, and FMS Jobs.

For more articles on FMS, Click Here.


View reports about your business.. For more articles on Reports, Click Here.


View dashboards about your business. For more articles on Dashboards, Click here.


View other applications and services we integrate with. For more articles on Marketplace, Click Here.


Access your ServiceMonster Settings. For more articles on Settings, Click here.