How to Use the Quick Add

What Is The Quick Add?

The Quick Add is the easiest and quickest way to create a new Account, Order, or Appointment.

The Quick Add is available from anywhere on the website.

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Where To Find the Quick Add?

The Quick Add button is available from anywhere on ServiceMonster by clicking on the small blue "+" at the top of the screen.

How do I use the Quick Add?

The Quick Add allows you to complete every action tied to creating an estimate or a job and can even act as a "SOP" for office staff when answering phones. Go through the full process or create quick quotes on the fly. Whatever you need, the Quick Add has you covered.


The first tab in the Quick Add is the Account page. This is where you can enter in account information to create a new account. As you type in information, any possible account matches will show up in the "Possible Matches" box, where you can then click on the account to select it.

If all you want to do is create a new account, once you have entered the account information, you can click "Save and Close". If you would like to create an order, click on the "Order" tab.


Here you can pick what type of order you want to make, or you can look up an order. Once you click on an order type, the screen will change.

Here you can enter your line items, including the option to use packages and promotions. Use the "+ Add Items" button to easily view and add in your line items, or simply click on a line in the "Item" column to use a drop-down menu to find your product or service.

Once that is complete, you may either click "Save and Close" to create the order and account... or, if you want to schedule an appointment, move down and click on the "Appointment" tab.


Here you can schedule an appointment. To do so, click directly on the schedule where you want your first appointment to be.

A "New Appointment" box will appear. Here you can see and edit the details for your appointment.

You can also add in another appointment using the green, "+ Day", or "+ Week" buttons at the bottom of the New Appointment box. Selecting these buttons allows you to click anywhere on the schedule to add in another appointment. Using the "+ Day" adds another appointment to the next day, at the same time as the last selected appointment, and the "+ Week" creates another appointment the next week at the same time as the last selected appointment. You can use the little trash icon to delete appointments by selecting an appointment, then clicking on the trash icon.

Once you have finished creating the appointment, order or account, please click "Save and Close".

If you would like, you may also move down to the "Confirmation" tab to create an email confirming your client's appointment.


Here you can view the details of the appointment and have the option to send an email and/or text confirmation, as well as set up appointment reminders.

Checking off either the "Send Email Confirmation" or "Send Text Confirmation" will allow you to choose or adjust the email address or phone number. You can also choose which template you will use (ServiceMonster does offer a premade Job Confirmation email template).

If you have created appointment reminders you can also select for them to be applied to this appointment in the "Appointment Reminders" box.

Click "Save and Close" to send out those confirmations, as well as create your Appointment, Order, and Account.

Quick Add Summary

No matter which step you chose to finish at, once you click "Save and Close" the Quick Add box will close and the Quick Add Summary will appear at the bottom of the screen. This will give you a quick summary of what you just did. If you created anything "new", there will be a green "(New)" next to that item.

Expanded Summary Example

You can click on the Account, Order number, or Appointment to see the relevant page for that Account, Estimate, or Appointment.

Note: The summary will only appear for 3 seconds as a toast message, and then collapse to the bottom of the screen. You can re-expand it as needed to access any of the summary information by clicking the collapsed caret, or close the summary permanently by clicking the "X" in the upper right corner.

Collapsed Summary Example