Using The Schedule

How Can I Use The Schedule?

The schedule can be used to keep track of your appointments and activities. You can easily move appointments on the schedule, and can utilize our On Deck and Waiting boxes as other flexible options for scheduling.

Creating Appointments

For information on creating a new appointment click here.

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Moving Appointments (Drag and Drop, Appointment Details)

The On Deck Box

The Waiting Box


Blocking Off Time

Moving Appointments

If you want to move an appointment on the schedule, you have a few options.

Drag and Drop

You can move an appointment by clicking and holding on the dotted link at the top of the appointment and moving it to where you would like it to go.

Appointment Details

Another option for moving the appointment is to open the appointment-details and make edits there. You can do that by double clicking on an appointment on the schedule.

Here you can make edits to the schedule. To change the appointment time by changing the date and time next to "Start"

Once you are done making edits to the appointment, click "Save & Close". The appointment will move.


The On-Deck is a holding spot for appointments. If you need to reschedule an appointment or remove the schedule for any reason, this is a great spot for them.

If you schedule appointments from the Order page, those appointments will show up here.

You can move appointments to and from On-Deck simply by dragging and dropping them into or from the On-Deck to the schedule.


Dragging an appointment into the waiting box keeps it where it was scheduled, but also holds it in the waiting box. This is great for if you have a client who needs work done ASAP and you want to fit them in earlier if you have any schedule changes.

Moving an appointment from the waiting box onto the schedule will change it's appointment time.


You can schedule an activity on the schedule by right-clicking on the schedule and clicking “+ New Activity”

That will open up a window where you can enter in the details for that activity, including what type of activity it is (Note, Call, Task, or Mail), what account it’s associated with, what techs are assigned to the activity, it’s subject and description, and information about when it should be done. 

Once you click “save” that activity will be created and will show up on the schedule. 

Blocking Off Time

If you need to block off time on the schedule, either for time off, team meetings, ect, this is the process we recommend.

Create an account in the system either to represent the employee that needs time off, or just your own company in general. 

On the Schedule, click where you want this time off or meeting to be. This will open up the Quick Add.

Choose the employee’s, or your companies account. 

You can leave the order as is. It will be set up as a blank word order with no line items.

Go into the “Appointment” tab. 

Here in the “New Appointment” box, you can adjust the techs assigned, and the duration of the appointment. You can also add in other “appointments” (Or time blocked off on other days) by using the check, + Day, and +WK buttons.