Setting Up Your Schedule

Why Should I Set Up My Schedule?

If you want to get the most out of scheduling with ServiceMonster, setting up your schedule to look exactly how you want it is an important step. You'll likely spend a lot of time looking at this page, so make sure to turn it into a page that will be useful for you.

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Schedule Settings (General, Appt. Details, Display, Colors)

Navigation Menu (Map, Sidebar, Route Packet)

Setting Up Your Schedule

Go into the Scheduling page, then click Schedule.

This is your schedule, you will be able to see your routes, as well as any appointments you have created.

From this page, our first step will be adjusting the schedule settings, you can do this by clicking on the "Settings" button at the far right side of the menu.

Schedule Settings


On this page you can enter in the following:

Dispatch Location: Using the Address Helper you can look up your dispatch location, this is the address you and your techs head out from everyday to do your jobs. Your clients will not be able to see this address. You will need a dispatch location entered into the system in order for our appointment color-coding to work (More on that in just a bit!)

You can have one dispatch location per ServiceMonster account.

Business Hours Start: The time you start work, any time before this on the schedule with be grayed out.

Business Hours End: The time you end work, any time after this on the schedule will be grayed out.

Max Driving Range: The furthest you are willing to drive in one direction for a job.

Small Radius Zone Around Dispatch Location? If this box is checked then any appointments within the first 5% of your dispatch maximum driving range (The closest jobs to you) will be color coded gray.

Hover Details: If this box is checked, then you will be able to see the details of an appointment just by hovering your mouse over it.

Schedule Interval: You can choose if you want your schedule to be divided up in intervals of 30 minutes, or 15 minutes.

Appt. Details

Minimum Size:

Here you can choose if you want your routes to be Thin, Medium, or Wide.

Show/Hide Details:

Choose what details you want to appear on your appointments on the schedule.


Routes Settings:

Here you can choose how you want your routes to appear on the schedule.

First Day of Week: Here you can pick what the first day of the week will show up as on your schedule. You can pick between any day of the week or the current day.


This is a color coded campus. Think of your dispatch location as being right in the middle in the gray circle. Then, every appointment is color-coded around it, in the case my north-facing color is red, north east is purple, east is blue, south east is aqua, and so on.

The color wheel is also split into thirds by distance. Using your Maximum Driving Range from the General tab, the lightest colors are with the first third of that driving range, the brightest are the middle third, and the darkest colors are the furthest away.

You can choose how many colors will appear on the wheel using the number drop-down list. You can also change which color is facing north by clicking on the color drop-down menu.

Click "Save" To save these settings.

Navigation Menu

At the top of the schedule screen you have the main navigation tools, as well as some other display tools.

<<: Move back one week.

<: Move back one day.

Date: Clicking on the date will open up a calendar you can use to skip ahead on the schedule to whatever date you click on.

>: More forward one day.

>>: Move forward one week.

This Week: Clicking on this button will take you back to your current week.

Refresh: Clicking on this button will refresh the schedule.

All Resources: Clicking on this will open a drop-down menu where you can choose if you want to see all routes (All Resources), one specific route, or a specific group of routes.

Details: Clicking on this box will change if you can see all the details of the appointment right on the schedule, or a more plain color block design.

_ Days: Here you can pick how many days you want to see at a time on the schedule.

xx-Small: Here you can pick how big the time increments on the schedule will look.


Clicking on the map button opens up a map where you can see your dispatch location (Red triangle), and the stops your route will be taking that day.

Appointments are marked with flags, and each route is color-coded.

To change the day that you are looking at on the map, simply click on the day on the schedule, then refresh the map.


Clicking on that button opens and closes the sidebar. In the sidebar you can view your appointments, the On-Deck, and the Waiting list.

Route Packet

Clicking here opens the Route Packet. Here you can customize and create your route packet.

For more information on how to use your schedule click here.

For a video guide to using the schedule click here.