Appointment Color Coding

How Does Appointment Color Coding Work?

Appointments on ServiceMonster can be color-coded based on their location compared to your dispatch location. This gives you an easy idea of where they are located compared to your dispatch location and simplifies scheduling.

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Setting Up The Color Coding

How Does This Look?

Why Am I seeing Gray Appointments?

Setting Up Color Coding

Go to your schedule page.

Click on the “Settings” button.

Here you will need to fill out the following:

Dispatch Location: There is the address that you or your techs are heading out from. The client will not be able to see this address. There can only be one dispatch location per ServiceMonster account

Max Driving Range: The maximum distance in any one direction you are willing to drive.

Small Radius Zone Around Dispatch Location?: If this box is checked, it will create a small radius around your dispatch location where any appointments within 5% of our maximum driving range will be color-coded as gray. If this box is unchecked it will color-code appointments following the settings in the “Colors” tab.

Once you have set up those three pieces of information, click on the “Colors” tab.


This is a color-coded campus. Think of your dispatch location as being right in the middle in the gray circle. Then, every appointment is color-coded around it, in the case my north-facing color is red, the northeast is purple, east is blue, southeast is aqua, and so on.

The color wheel is also split into thirds by distance. Using your Maximum Driving Range from the General tab, the lightest colors are with the first third of that driving range, the brightest is the middle third, and the darkest colors are the furthest away.

You can choose how many colors will appear on the wheel using the number drop-down list. You can also change which color is facing north by clicking on the color drop-down menu.

Click "Save" To save these settings.

How does this look

On the schedule, all appointments that are within your driving range will now be color-coded.

In the QuickAdd, all accounts that have an address in the system will also be color-coded. As soon as an address is added into the account page it will add in color-coding.

Why am I seeing Gray Appointments?

If you haven’t already, double-check your settings to make sure that you have a dispatch location entered into your settings and that it is the correct address.

If so, gray appointments can exist for three reasons:

  1. If you have the “Small Radius Zone Around Dispatch Location?” box checked in your settings, then any jobs within the first 5% of your maximum driving range will be color-coded as gray. If you do not want this, simply uncheck this box and click “Save”.
  2. If the job is outside of your maximum driving range, it will also be color-coded gray.
  3. Last, if there is no address on the account, or if the system cannot track the address for some reason, it will also be color-coded gray. In this case, we recommend entering in an address for the account or removing and adding in the address again.