Blocking Off Time On The Schedule

Blocking Off Time

There are multiple ways you can block off time on the schedule. Activities are great for noting time off for the occasional day, but for recurring time off recurring appointments are a handy tool to utilize. 

Blocking Off Time With Activities

If you know of a time a tech needs off outside of their usual work schedule, Activities can be a great visual reminder of that time off. 

To add an activity to the schedule, right-click on the schedule where you would like the activity to begin. Select “+ New Activity”.

In the subject line, you can list who has time off and why, this will be visible on the activity on the schedule. 

You can also assign the activity to the relevant techs or employees. 

At the bottom of the activity, adjust the duration to the amount of time that needs to be blocked off. Once you have entered in all the information you’d like to have on the activity, click “Save”.

That time is now blocked on the schedule. 

Blocking Off Recurring Time Using Recurring Appointments

Recurring Appointments are handy for blocking off time on the schedule because they allow you to create recurring reminders about time off without needing to create a new activity each time or having to create an order.

First, create an account in the system either to represent the employee that needs time off or just your own company in general. 

Then, from the Scheduling page, select “Recurring Appts”.

Then select “+ Recurring Appointment”.

Here you can enter in the details for the recurrence. 

In the “Name” text box, give the recurrence a name you will recognize, such as “Tech’s Day Off”.

For the Account, pick the account you made to represent your company or tech. Then go through and add in the appropriate details for this recurrence, like the start time, the duration, then assigned techs, and the route it should appear on. 

In the box on the right-hand side choose how often you want this to reoccur.

You do not need to add in any line items, as we will not need to turn the appointment reminders that this recurring appointment creates into orders. 

Once you click “Save” appointment reminders will appear on your schedule. 

The reminder will now appear on the schedule, acting as a great visual reminder of when you can or can’t schedule your team to work.