How to Create a New Appointment

What Is An Appointment?

Appointments, in ServiceMonster, are the time you schedule to work on a client's order. Appointments require an order (Estimate, Work Order, or Invoice) and will appear on the schedule.

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Where can I Make an Appointment?

You have many paths to creating an appointment: from an Order page, from the Quick Add, and right on the Schedule.

Order Page

If you are looking at the page for an order (Estimate, Work Order, or Invoice), to schedule it, all you have to do is click on the "Schedule" button on the page.

This will take you to the schedule, with your appointment showing up in the "On-Deck" box.

To add it to the schedule, simply drag and drop the appointment from the on-deck onto the schedule. You can drag the appointment by clicking on the dotted grab spot.

Your appointment is created!

Quick Add

From the Quick Add, you can easily create a new account, order, and schedule an appointment. You can open the quick add anywhere by clicking on the small blue "+" at the top of the screen.

First, you will need to create or choose an account.

The create or choose your order.

Once that's done, go to the Appointment tab.

Simply click anywhere on the schedule to add your appointment.

If you click on the schedule to add in a new appointment, then the New Appointment box will appear, within that box, you can add in and adjust the following information.

Details: In the details tab you can adjust the details for the appointment.

Note: In this tab you can add in notes that only your technicians will be able to see. This is a great spot to add in the information they need to do the job, such as a gate code. They will be able to see these notes on the mobile app, or in route packets.

Admin Note: Here you can add in notes that only users who have the Admin security role can see.

Start Date/Time: Here you can view and adjust the start date and time of the appointment.

Route: Here you can see what route this appointment is assigned to.

Status: Here you can choose the status of the appointment, it will automatically set to being Scheduled, but your other options are: Scheduled, Confirmed, On The Job, Completed, or Canceled.

Type: Here you can choose the type of appointment, this will automatically set to be "Work", but some other options include: Bid, Estimate, Rework, Pick-up, and Drop-off. You can also create your own options by clicking on the blue "+", then typing in your option, then clicking on the green checkmark button that will appear. If you order is in the Estimate state, the appointment type will automatically be set to "Estimate".

Duration: Here you can adjust how long the appointment duration will be.

Technicians: Here you can see what technicians are assigned to this appointment. You can edit this by clicking on the word "Technicians" and clicking on the techs you want to include.

Check: By clicking on the green check on the lower left-hand side of the New Appointment box, you confirm the appointment you placed. You can then click anywhere on the schedule to add in another appointment for the order.

+Day: Clicking here adds another appointment the very next day as the one selected at the same time and on the same route.

+WK: Clicking here adds another appointment in the very next week as the one selected at the same time and on the same route.

Trash: You can click on the red trash can icon to delete the selected appointment.

On The Schedule

If you are looking at the schedule page, you can create a new appointment simply by clicking on the schedule where and when you want your appointment to be.

Once you do, the Quick Add will open up with the appointment already created, so you simply need to create or add the account and order information in.