Accounts Home Page

What is the Accounts Home Page?

This is your main page for keeping track of your accounts, activities, billing, and contracts.

For information on how to make a new account, click here.

Account List:

This link takes you to your full account list, which you can also filter by a verity of factors.


This link takes you to your list of activities, you can filter this list by types of activities, as well as if they are pending or completed. You can also create new activities from here.


Here you can view a list of your Billing Statements, make new billing statements, and delete statements.

Contracts List:

Here you can view your list of contracts, edit contracts, and create new contracts.


Active Accounts:

Shows the current total count of active accounts broken down by residential (blue) and commercial (green) customers.

Hovering over total will show the count of the previous year

Smaller % shows growth (green) or decline (red) from the previous year

Repeat Rate (24 Months):

Shows the number of customers that you have serviced multiple times in a 2 year period, with a Residential and Commercial breakdown. In many industries, this two-year window helps identify whether you “retained” the customer or not.

As mentioned above, Residential (blue) and Commercial (green) clients are separated out.

The larger number shows the % of your active customers that have repeat business. “Active customers” in this case refers to active residential customers or active commercial customers depending on which you are viewing. Hovering over this number shows you the count of repeat clients

The smaller number below shows growth (green) or decline (red) of repeat customers since the previous time period.

If no number is visible that means there is no data yet to compare against

If you have further questions about your repeat rate, check out this blog post!

Recurring Revenue (estimated monthly value):

An estimated total that is calculated by your total value in current contracts and adding the value of the next year’s worth of recurring appointment (assuming they all are completed).

What’s a contract?

A contract in ServiceMonster is a predetermined billing schedule based on recurring work that has been negotiated with a customer.

Check here for more info

What’s a recurring appointment?

A standard recurring appointment that gets set as a reminder on the schedule for set intervals within a certain time period (or that runs until you end it manually)

Check here for more info