Account Overview

What Is The Account Overview?

The Account Overview is a page designed to give you a simple and easy to understand overview of the account. From here you can easily see your customer’s information including orders, activities, contact info, and account tags. 

Click here to learn more about editing the details of an Account.

Where Is The Account Overview?

Select "Accounts" from the Main Menu, then "Account List" and click on the account name you wish to view.

This is the Account Overview page.

Quick Create Buttons

New Order: Here you can choose between creating an Estimate or Work Order, recording a new Cash Sale, or creating a New Contract. Click here to learn more about making an order. 

New Activity: Here you can create a new activity attached to this account. This can be a note, call, task, or mail. Click here to learn more about creating and tracking activities. 

New Payment: Here you can record a new payment on any order on the account. Click here to learn more about recording payments.

Billing Statement: Here you can create a billing statement. Click here for more information on billing statements.

Client Information

This bar at the top of the page gives you a quick glimpse of the customer’s information.

If the client is a residential account the bar will be blue, if they are a commercial account it will be green. 

Here you can click on the account name to go to the account details page, or click on the site address to get to the page for that site. 

The colorful stripe on the far left side relates to the color coding for the primary site with this account.

Click here to learn more about the color-coding system.

Below that, you can see what type of account it is (customer, lead, prospect, etc.), as well as the balance on the account. 

Account type Customer will show in a Blue box.

Account type Prospect will show in a Yellow box.

Any other account type will show as Gray.

If the account has a balance, then the balance box will show as red.

Memo Box

The first of three boxes on the left-hand side is the account memo box.

Here you can view the Account memo (notes about the customer that are not visible to the customer). You can edit the memo by clicking into the text box (make sure you save your changes!) 

Here you can also quickly change if the account is active, flagged for review, or if an alert should be placed on the account by toggling the three small buttons on the upper left. 

To change if an account is active, click on the green checkmark, that will change it to being inactive. Basically, green = active.

To flag an account for review, click on the flag icon. This will allow you to easily pull up a list of any review accounts for either yourself or office staff to make note of.

To add an alert to the account, click on the triangle alert button. To learn more about account alerts, click here. 

Client Contact Information

Next, we have the client’s contact information.

From here you can click on the “Email” button to send an email or send a text using the “Text” button. 

Account Summary

This is a little account summary, where you can get a quick glimpse of the accounts revenue, appointments, and lead source.

 Here you can also quickly see your custom fields and take note of any info you’ve added in that regard for this client. 

Finally, you have the ability to both view and add in account tags. Click here to learn more about account tags. 

Active Orders, Activities, Contracts, and Recurring Appts. 

On the right side of the page, you can easily see all active or open orders, activities, contracts, and recurring appointments. 

You can create a new Work order, estimate, activity, contract, or recurring appointment by clicking on the “+” button on the right-hand side. 


With Invoices, Work Orders, and Estimates, you can view the order simply by clicking on the order number. 

Clicking on the hamburger menu (button with three lines) on the right side will allow you to quickly select a few options:

  • Make a copy of the order
  • Schedule an appointment for that order
  • Email the order to the client
  • Record a payment for that order
  • Print that order (creating a PDF of the order form).


You can also view, edit, and mark activities as complete. To open an activity, simply click on its name (Or subject line). And make any edits needed. 

Click “Mark Complete” to mark the activity as complete and remove it from the open activities list.