Creating New Contracts

What Is A Contract?

In ServiceMonster, a contract is a service agreement between yourself and a client that you will provide a certain number of services in a specific time frame for a consistent price. 

Contracts within ServiceMonster allow you to set up automatic emails that are sent to clients on billing dates with a billing statement and invoices.

How Do I Create a Contract?

To create a new contract, click on “Accounts” in the left-hand side menu and select “Contracts List”.

Here you can view your list of contracts. You can create a new contract by clicking on the “+ Contract” button. 

Search for and select the account this is associated with or creating a new account by clicking on the “+ Account” button.

Click “Ok” to start building the contract.

Here you can enter in the following information:

Account: The account you selected earlier will be listed here. 

Site: The primary site for this account will be listed here, you can change the site this contract is for by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and selecting another site on the account.

Name: (Required) The name for this contract, this is how it will appear on contract lists so make sure it is clear and easy to recognize.

Active: If this contract is active, leave this box checked, if this contract is inactive, uncheck this box.

Start Date: Enter the date that this contract starts on.

End Date: Enter the date that this contract ends on. 

Day of Month: Select the day of the month this contract applies to. 

Amount: Enter the amount for this contract.

Frequency: (Required) Select the frequency monthly, 3 Months, 6 Months, Yearly.

Next Billing Date: Enter in the next billing date.

Memo: If desired, add a memo with information about the contact. 

Email Settings 

Email Template: (Required) Choose the email template you want to use. This will send out with the billing statement for this contract. 

Print Style: (Required) Choose the print style for the invoices sent to your client involved with this contract. 

To Email: (Required) Pick the email address the client will receive the billing statements and invoices for this contract at. 

Reply Email: Pick the email address emails sent for this contract will look like they are sent from. 

For more information on using contracts with your clients, check out this video with our CEO Joe:

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