Account Alerts

What is an Account Alert?

If you have an account where you need to know to never service them again, or just have important information you need yourself or your team to see next time they call in the account alert can help.

This puts a small alert next to the account information on the account page, in the QuickAdd, and on order pages. That way you get an easy visual reminder about the account.

By default, the ALERT is an internal note and technically doesn't print anywhere. This is a place to put a note your client wouldn't read, and it shows up on the order and schedule level as the account has an alert. So, with an Account Alert, the next time you get a call from Mr. Smith with the rabid squirrels in his yard and you don't want to revisit, you will be prepared.

How To Put an Alert on an Account?

To put an alert on an account, open the account in question.

In the account memo section, there is an “Alert” button.

Click on the “Alert” button, and the account will be marked. 

In the memo section, add any notes you want yourself or your team to be able to see when you pull up this account. 

Make sure to click “Save” on the account. 

Where can I see the Alert?

If you search for the account on the Quick Add, then the account will appear with a yellow exclamation point next to it. 

If you select the account, it will have an “Alert” notification under the account photo, alongside your memo for the account. 

From the Order page

If you look at the page for any orders made on the account, then you will see the yellow exclamation point alert with the account information. If you hover your mouse over the exclamation point you will be able to read the memo.

On The Schedule

If you click on an appointment on the schedule, in the side-bar you will be able to see that appointment details. This will include a yellow exclamation point to notify the alert. If you hover your mouse over the exclamation point you will be able to read the memo.