Creating SMS (Text) Templates

Why Templates?

Templates make your job easier!  By creating or editing templates you can easily pick the perfect template for the right moment to sent to your client. Because these templates are so easy to customize, you have the opportunity to wow your clients with your own personal branding while also utilizing merge fields to personalize each text sent.

To learn how to make Email Templates Click Here

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To learn how to setup Quick Text SMS, Click Here

Note about SMS Templates

If you choose to send Text messages through ServiceMonster, you can create SMS (text) templates to use. There are two main things to note about sending texts through ServiceMonster however:

First, this is a one-way text method, you will not be able to see any responses sent from your clients. Because of that, it is important to provide your clients with another way to contact you.

Second, these texts will be sent from a Seattle area code. 

If you want the ability to have text conversations with clients and change what phone number these texts are sent from, we do offer integration with the service Twilio which allows you to choose what phone number texts are sent from, as well as allows for two-way conversation. To learn more about Twilio, click here.

What Should I Include In My Template?

While your template is completely customizable and there are no requirements for templates, there are a few things we like to recommend.

No Reply

Because this is a one-way communication method, including "No Reply" or something similar to start the message can help reduce any confusion clients have if they do try and reply. Integration with the service Twilio allows for you to have two-way text conversations, and you can learn more about that by clicking here.

Call To Action

Have a call to action at the end of the template to offset the No Reply. Usually this is a phone number or email address for them to contact you at. For example "If you have any questions give us a call at ..."

Keep It Short

Keep the message short. Under 160 is best if you can make it fit, but under 320 characters is recommended to keep messages readable to clients.


In light of recent law changes, we also recommend our users include an unsubscribe message. Although this isn't required, it is something that we recommend. For example "Reply STOP if you wish to unsubscribe from these messages."

Merge Fields

You can use merge fields for your text templates. Merge fields are a system where information that is within ServiceMonster can be pulled out and inserted into templates, customizing them for you. If you see a word surrounded by brackets, such as [FIRST_NAME], that's a merge field! Merge fields can work in SMS Templates as long as you are sending the text through ServiceMonster, either the desktop or mobile app.

If when you are on the mobile app you choose to instead send the message using your phone’s texting system, then the data tags will not auto-fill and you will have to manually enter the information in.

Some common merge fields include:

Client's First Name: ACCT: First Name - [FIRST_NAME]

Next Appointment Start date and time: APPT: Start Date/Time - [APPT_START_DATE_TIME]

Names of Techs assigned to next appointment: APPT: Tech(s) First Name - [APPT_TECH_FIRST_NAME]

Order Approval Link (Learn how to set this up by clicking here!) ORDER: Approval Link SMS: [ORDER_APPROVAL_LINK_SMS]

Creating an SMS (Text) Template

To find your SMS templates, click on “Settings” and then “Templates”

Click on the SMS templates tab to view your SMS templates.

Starting From Scratch:

To make a new SMS template from scratch, use the “+ New SMS Template” button.

This will open a blank template you can fill out.

Give your template an easy to recognize name in the name box, in the main large box, type out the contents of the text. 

You can also use merge fields on SMS templates. Simply click where you want the merge field to go, then use the Merge Fields drop-down menu to find and select your merge fields. 

Once you click on an option from the list, it will be inserted into the text box. 

Click “Save” when you are done. 

Copying Another Template:

To base a template on an already made template, simply click on the name of the template you want to use.

From the template editor page, click on the “Copy” button.

This will make a copy of the template you can then edit however you see fit. 

Make sure to click “Save” when you are done. 

Setting an SMS Template as "Quick Text SMS"

You can set up to two of your SMS templates to be a one click process in the mobile app. To learn how to set that up, click here to check out the Quick Text SMS help article.