Quick Text SMS

What is A Quick Text?

In ServiceMonster, the Quick Text SMS feature is a way to quickly send out a text message to your clients from the mobile app. Using the Quick Text feature will allow you to select up to two different templates that are available as a one press action on the mobile app to send to clients. 

How To Set Up Quick Text SMS?

Within the desktop version of ServiceMonster, go to settings.

Select templates from the settings menu.

Click on SMS to view your SMS templates. You may need to edit or create an SMS template to use for the Quick Text, if that is the case, click here to learn more about creating or editing SMS templates.

On the SMS templates page, click on the “Quick Text” button.

This will open a menu where you can select what templates will be available for quick text from the mobile app. Select your options and click “Save”.

How to Use Quick Text SMS?

In the mobile app, open an order or account. Next to the client’s contact information, click on the “Text” button.

Select the Quick Text template you would like to use. 

Confirm that you want that message to send, it will then automatically send.