Company Info

What is Company Info?

Company Info is basic information about your company you will want to enter in before you get started using ServiceMonster. Our system customizes your Estimates, Work Orders, and Invoices using this information, and this information can also be easily pulled and used in templates for emails, texts, and marketing purposes.

Entering In Your Company Info:

To access the Company Info page, simply click on Settings at the bottom of the left-hand side menu, then on "Company Info"

Company Contact Information

Here you can enter the following information:

Add Logo: You can add a logo by clicking on the "Logo Not Set" button, and then clicking "Choose File" to find your company's logo within your desktop files. The logo should be one of the internet recognized image file formats like .bmp, .jpg, or .gif. The maximum allowable dimensions of your logo are 800 pixels by 800 pixels, 300 dpi.

Company Name: Write your company's name here.

Legal Name: If your company has a specific Legal Name, enter it here. This will be the name that prints on default forms, otherwise if this field is blank the Company name will print.

Phone: Add the phone number you would like clients to contact you at here. This number will print on default forms.

Alt Phone: If there is another phone number you would like to use as well, enter it here. This number will not print on default forms.

Fax: Add your fax number here.

Company Email: Add the main email address for your company here, choose one you would want clients to contact you at. This will be used as the "Reply to" email address on emails sent out from ServiceMonster.

Web Site: Add your businesses website, or main social media site.

Tax ID: Add your company's Tax ID, this will show up on your default forms.

Reference No: This is a spot you can use for either a license number your business has or any other information you might like to include. This field will print on the SM Standard and SM Standard No Lines forms.

Location: In the location box, use the address helper to start typing in your business's address. Once you see your address from the drop-down list of options click on it. This will show up on your default forms.

Schedule and Account Settings

Postal Code Lookup: Pick the country you're located in, or choose Auto Detect.

Time Zone: Choose the time zone for your location.

Default Tax: Here you can pick what the default tax on all new accounts that are set up in the system will be.

Default Tax Location: The Default Tax Location is used to assign the tax rate to the orders that are created based on the choice in that field. If you choose Shop Address, every order that you create will use whatever is in the Default Tax field as the tax rate. If you choose Account Billing Address, it will default to the tax rate that is on the account and if you choose Account Site Address, it will default to the tax rate that is assigned to the service Site on the order.

Default Area Code: Here you can choose a default area code for phone numbers. This will be auto-added into the phone number field when entering phone numbers into the system.

Look-up Formatting: You can pick if the Look-up Formatting should be Mixed Case or Upper Case

Account Name Format: Choose between if Account Names show up in LastCommaFirst (Example, Name) or FirstSpaceLast (Name Example)

Merchant Service Provider: If you are integrated with Authorize.Net or Stripe that will show up here.

Date Display Style: Choose between many options for how dates display.

Automated Settings

Auto Commissions: If commissions as assigned to a tech, they will automatically be applied for any jobs that tech works.

Auto Daylight Savings: If your area observes Daylight Savings you can choose to have it automatically adjust accordingly.

Auto FMS Tracking: When a new order is created, if the related account has had an FMS card sent to them within the last 90 days, it will automatically select the FMS Campaign as the order's lead source.

Enable Notifications: If you want to receive notifications about ....

Require Lead Source: Check this box to require that Lead Sources are added to accounts and work orders.

Require Email: Check this box to require the email field to be filled in for new accounts.

Sort Service-Items Alphabetically: Choose whether Service-Items should be sorted alphabetically.

Attach Order to Appointment Emails: Choose if you would like a PDF of the Estimate, Work Order, or Invoice information to be automatically attached to appointment emails.