Top Campaigns (90 days)

In depth version of the home page dashboard. Not only shows campaign conversions, but also ROI.

  • Campaign: Campaign/Lead Source name
  • Responses: Conversions (invoices) that are tied to this campaign
  • Revenue: Revenue received for all conversions tied to this campaign
  • Cost: How much was spent to obtain these leads
  • ROI: Return on your investment so you can properly track which marketing efforts are actually bringing in customers

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a "lead source" and what's the difference between that and a "campaign?" Lead sources are simply identifying which marketing efforts brought in a customer (or repeat order). For all intents and purposes, lead sources and campaigns are identical when comparing results. However, since we use the term "campaign" for our internal marketing efforts and you may as well, we wanted to ensure there was no confusion.
  • What is a "conversion?" When an order is invoiced with said lead source attached.
  • How can I improve campaign results? Check out this podcast with our CEO and Marketing Coordinator!