Note Types in ServiceMonster

Note Types in ServiceMonster

When using ServiceMonster you may notice a number of different fields for memos and notes. These offer you flexibility with where information is stored and who has access to it. 

Account Memo:

The account memo is a note that is tied to an account. This note will be visible from the account list, on the account page, as well as on the schedule. This note is not client facing, so clients will not be able to see or read it. 

The account memo is the perfect location to add in notes about a client that you would want to see right away when you search for them in the system, such as details about past interactions, how they are as a client, or if there is anything you or your team should know about them before they schedule work with them. 

Order Note:

The order note is a note that appears on customers invoices. This note is customer facing, so clients will be able to see it. 

Because the order note appears on order forms and invoices, it’s a perfect place to record specific requests that you want your clients to be aware that you have taken note of. You can record any changes to services here too, or anything that you may want written on the order form outside of its usual fields.

Site note:

The site note is a note that is attached to a specific site and is not client facing. This is a great spot to enter in information 

that is specific to the site. Anyone with access to ServiceMonster can view the site notes form the mobile or desktop version of ServiceMonster, so it’s a handy way to let your team know information about where they are working.

Tech Notes:

The tech note is attached to the appointment, as is a note that all users in the system can see. The tech note is not client facing, so clients will not be able to see it. This is a handy spot to add in any specific information about this appointment that Your team needs to see in order to get the job done. 

This could hold simple information such as a gate code or key location, or you could use it as a checklist of tasks for your team. 

Technicians can also go in and edit the tech note; so they can share information about the appointment back with your team.

Admin Notes: 

The Admin note, similar to the tech note, is a note that is attached to the appointment. However, this note is only visible to users in ServiceMonster with the Admin security role (click here to learn more about security roles). This is a good location to add more private notes about appointments or clients and technician interactions.