Merging Accounts

What are Duplicates?

Within ServiceMonster, duplicates are two or more accounts that are likely the same client. Because ServiceMonster is built so you can have multiple site addresses attached to one account, we recommend having only one account for each client you work with. If you have duplicate accounts we recommend merging them, which will combine all the site, order, payment, and profile fields of the two accounts. 

How Do I Find Duplicate Accounts?

You can find duplicate accounts by going to the duplicates page. To find the duplicates page, click on “Settings” in the left-hand side menu and select “Duplicates”.

Here you will see a list of all accounts that have a possible match. 

In the column where it says “Match” you will be able to see what the matching feature is. The system will compare name, phone number, email address, and site addresses. If two accounts have the same details, they will appear next to each other on this list. 

How Do I Merge Accounts?

Merging accounts is simple, if looking at the duplicates list then simply click on the name of the account in question. Otherwise, search for and open up the account in questions within ServiceMonster. 

When looking at the account overview, click on the “Details” tab. 

When looking at the “Details” tab, select “Merge

This will open a window where you can search for the duplicate account. Here you can search for the matches.

Select the account you want to merge by clicking on it, then press “Ok”.

The system will ask you to confirm the merge. You can click on the “Merge” button to confirm the merge. Once you do that the system will merge the two accounts together.