Release Notes v6.7.0

ServiceMonster 6.7 is here! With this release we’re bringing you two new features: FMS 2.0 and Monthly Planner

FMS 2.0
brings all of the functionality of FillMySchedule direct mail right into your ServiceMonster account, allowing you to create custom campaigns and cards in ServiceMonster Six. Here’s what to look out for:

  1. Make your own custom FMS campaigns within ServiceMonster [Create A New FMS 2.0 Campaign]
  2. Customize card content and campaign configuration [Customize & Run FMS 2.0]
  3. Upload custom card designs to FMS [Designing Card Fronts For FMS 2.0]
  4. View campaign, approval, and invoice history [History & Invoices For FMS 2.0]
  5. Manage your billing information and profile [Update Your Profile & Billing For FMS 2.0]

New to FMS? Start by signing Up For FillMySchedule, or learn more about FillMySchedule!

Monthly Planner
allows you to view the schedule by month, and has new tools to see your day-by-day availability. Within the monthly planner view you can manage your scheduled appointments, view details in the sidecar, and even map daily routes! To zoom in on a week, just right click and jump in.

Equip yourself to use Monthly Planner with this overview article: Using The Schedule's Monthly Planner

But wait, there’s more! ServiceMonster 6.7 also includes new updates and fixes to improve your experience across the application.


  • Updated calendar widget arrows on the weekly schedule to move forward/back 1 week (single arrow) or 1 month (double arrow). These same arrows move forward 1 month (single arrow) or 1 year (double arrow) when viewing the monthly planner.
  • Updated several areas in the Schedule Settings:
  • Added schedule setting for “Days of the Week open” which will add a UI element on days when the office is closed
  • Added additional options relating to the “show route totals” section
  • Batch update tool to mark activities as complete added to Activities List
  • Email address UI improvements when adding additional email addresses to an account
  • Email address auto add prompt if sending to an email address not already listed on the account
  • Added “Disposition” and “Disposition Note” columns as default columns on the “Declined Leads” list
  • Added email and marketing merge fields:
  • CURRENT_DAY_OF_WEEK (e.g. Monday, Tuesday, etc for the current day when sending an email)
  • CURRENT_YEAR (2023, 2024, etc for the current year when sending an email)
  • CURRENT_DATE_LONG (May 1st, June 3rd, etc for the current day when sending an email)
  • APPT_START_DATE_LONG (May 1st, June 3rd, etc for the scheduled appointment date when sending an email)
  • SALES_REP (shows name of employee attached as sales rep to the order)
  • Added order form merge fields
  • ARRIVAL_WINDOW (e.g. shows “Arrival Window: 8 - 10 am” if arrival window setting is enabled or “Arrival time: 8 am” if not)
  • ARRIVAL_WINDOW_START (8 am if using above example)
  • ARRIVAL_WINDOW_END (10 am if using above example)
  • Added a warning dialog when attempting to complete a lead without a payment record
  • Updated Contracts List with new default views, updated default columns, and ability to add/remove columns
  • Order Memo field character count increased to 4000 characters
  • Updated the MarketPlace to separate SM Tools and 3rd party integrations
  • Added additional tax component field in the “Tax Settings” page
  • Updated UI/UX for the “forgot password” process on the login page


  • Resolved an issue where sometimes appointment reminders were not being generated if the user skipped the “confirmation tab” within the Quick Add
  • Fixed a time zone issue so that “Client Since” on Quick Add stops showing a day prior to their actual acquisition date
  • Updated several “state” and “zip code” grid column labels to include “province” and “postal”
  • Conflicts on Schedule v2.0 now show a more obvious selection border around the selected appointment when viewing events that overlap each other
  • Audit page timestamp tooltips now correctly show “seconds”
  • Contact fields submitted via the ServiceMonster webforms will now automatically remove leading or trailing spaces
  • Fixed an issue where activity records made against an opportunity would sometimes fail to show the connected Account Name
  • Fixed several date displays in the FMS section to show the date format selected in Company Settings
  • Disabled “+ opportunity” and “complete” actions on a Voided order
  • SMS messages sent from the order details page or from the schedule now correctly show in the order activities tab
  • Order form merge field “SALES_REP” now shows as First Name Last Name rather than Last Name, First Name.
  • Warning dialog added if user attempts to delete a drip campaign to confirm action
  • Removed several columns from the order list (appointment status, appointment note, appointment type) as they cannot show data on this grid
  • Quick Add confirmation tab now shows all “can text” phone numbers as options rather than just the first in the list
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a marketing campaign filters were being overwritten and removing said filters
  • Drip campaign list now default sorts the list by “active” and then “created date”
  • “Unscheduled Approved Orders” list displays expected results
  • Inactive routes no longer show on the route packet list if they had a Note Activity scheduled when the route was deactivated
  • Clicking the appointment link in the order sidecar will navigate to the proper day if user has chosen a dd/mm/yy style format for their company setting
  • Optimized the Appointment Capacity stored procedure to improve load times for the Appointment Bookings dashboard

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