Wait List

What is the Wait List?

The wait list is a tab on the schedule side bar where you can hold appointments while keeping them on the schedule. This is great for if you have customers who would like an earlier appointment but your schedule is too full to fit them in. When they are on the waiting list you have a visual reminder of those who would like to get in earlier so you can go to them if you have cancelations or changes in the schedule. 

How Do I Use The Wait List?

You can add appointments to the wait list two ways. 

When looking at the schedule you can drag and drop an appointment into the waiting list. Simply click on the grab bar on an appointment card and drag it over the word “Waiting”.

The appointment will stay in it’s scheduled spot while also being added to the waiting list. 

You can also add an appointment to the waitlist by double clicking on the appointment card on the schedule. 

Simply click on the “Wait List” box. The box will change to say “On Wait List” and turn green. Click “Save” or “Save & Close

The appointment will now be added to the waitlist. 

If you are able to reschedule the appointment that’s currently in the waiting list, you can do so by dragging and dropping the appointment from the “Waiting” tab onto the schedule. 

This will reschedule the appointment and remove it from the “Waiting” tab. 

If you are unable to reschedule the appointment then no worries, it will be removed from the “Waiting” tab as soon as the scheduled appointment passes.