Signing Up For FillMySchedule (FMS) 2.0

Why Choose FillMySchedule?

First off, the average ROI with FMS is 800% (that's $9 for every $1 spent). Second, having a strong client retention strategy helps you grow your business, increases your repeat rate, helps you maintain long-term relationships with your customers, increases your profit margins with cross-selling services, and your customers will thank you for reminding them!

Click here for information on customizing and running an FMS campaign.

Getting Signed Up

From the Main Menu, select the "FMS" tab.

On this page you're presented with some information about our FMS program. Please check out the various tabs to learn more about the product, client retention, pricing, testimonials, and more. For additional information, click here.

To sign up, please select the blue "Sign Up" button.

Contact Info

Welcome to the FMS Setup Wizard!

Please enter in your Contact Info. This information is pulled from your Company Settings. Please make sure everything is correct. Essentially, this is your FillMySchedule profile, and information you enter here will be used for merge fields on your cards. The return address you enter here is where your cards will be sent if they are returned by the post office. Select "Continue" when you are finished.


Please enter your signature as you would like it to appear on your cards, and choose a font from the dropdown that you feel matches your natural signature best. Select "Continue" when you are finished.


Your logo here will default to the logo you added in your company settings (Settings > Company Info).

Please select "Choose File" and select the file from your computer that you wish to use for your logo. This logo will also appear on your cards, but can be removed if you want. Select "Continue" when you are finished.


Here, you can choose to use the same card on file as your ServiceMonster subscription, or you can choose to enter a new card. You will not be charged for any cards until you have approved them. Select "Continue" when you are finished.


Next, choose if you'd like to start with a template of our 8-Step Client Retention Program. Select "Setup Later" to skip this step, or select "Get Started" to continue.

8-Step Client Retention Program

To help our users get started with FMS, our team built this template based on years of research of what makes campaigns successful.

Toggle on or off which card settings you wish to use for your first order. Select "Finish!" when you are finished, then "OK" to continue.

Now you can see your new FMS campaign orders. Select any of the campaign names to view the details.

Here you can review the details and default settings for your campaign. Be sure to look through all the different tabs to make any changes, then select "Save".

Before running your campaign, please be sure that your "Account Selection", "Campaign Type", "Day of Month", and "Next Run Date" are all correct.

Select "Run Now" only if the "Next Run Date" is meant for today.

Please click here for more information on customizing and running an FMS campaign.