Approving FillMySchedule Runs

Why Do I Have To Approve FMS Cards?

Approving your FMS cards is an important step to ensure that the cards you are sending your clients represent you and your company in the best way possible. 

The first time a run becomes available, you should check the card template and content to make sure they match your expectations. You will want to do this the first time you run a campaign, or after any changes are made to your current campaigns. 

How do I approve FMS cards?

To access the FillMySchedule Approval Wizard, click on the “FMS” tab on the left-hand side menu. 

On the main FMS page, click on the “Pending” button to view your pending FMS cards. 

Here you can view the campaign name, run date, price, total, accounts, card content, or you can delete it completely. 

To review the card, click on “Review Required

Here you can see the contents of the card and can approve or skip the order. 

If you click “Approve Content” the order will be approved, taking you back to the list of orders. 

You can uncheck any orders you would like to not send now. 

To view a list of clients who will receive this card, click on the number under the “Accounts” column. 

Here you can view the list and select any accounts you want to mark as “Do Not Contact” or remove from the list.

You can also add accounts to this list by clicking on the “Add” button. 

Here you can search for an account and click “Ok” to add them to this FMS campaign. 

Click “Back” to return to your campaign list, and click next to move forward with the approval process. 

The approval wizard will show you the total for the campaigns you have approved and selected to run. 

Add your initials to approve the order, then click “Approve Order

The approval wizard window will close. 

Viewing Approved Orders

To view your approved orders, click on the FMS Orders button on the FMS page. 

Here you can view your Pending, In-Progress, and Order History. Click on “In-Progress” to view your approved order. 

Here you can view approved orders, and you can also Un-Approve orders simply by selecting the order then clicking “Un-Approve