Grouping Routes with Tags

What is a Route Tag?

A route tag is a way of grouping your routes together. These can represent the services this route offers, so you can easily filter your schedule by who is available for the specific work you want to do.

How To Add A Tag To A Route

Open your routes list by selecting “Scheduling” on the left-hand side menu, then select “Routes”. 

Open a route by clicking on the route name. 

Here you can add in tags by clicking in the box and typing in the tag you want to use. Once you click on the space bar the tag will be added.  You can create multiple tags and assign a route as many tags as you need. Also, no spacing is allowed in the tag names (i.e., Rug Pickup would need to be entered as Rug_Pickup).

Click “Save” to add the tags to the route.

How Can I Group Routes On The Schedule 

You can use tags to group routes on the schedule. When looking at the schedule, click on the “All Resources” drop-down menu. 

Here you can pick a specific route to look at or a group based on a tag. Select the tag you would like to view. 

You will not only see routes that have that tag.

To view all routes again, select “All Resources” from the drop-down menu.