What Are Routes?

Routes are an organization tool for your schedule. You can set routes up to represent specific techs, teams, appointment types, or even vehicles that you use. Specific techs can be assigned to routes, or you can leave them open and assign techs on an appointment to appointment bases.

Routes Page:

You can access the Routes page by clicking on the "Scheduling" option on the left hand-side menu, and then on "Routes".

From this page you can see information about your current routes by clicking on the name of the route, or create a new route by clicking on the "+ Route" button.

Creating A New Route:

In the New Route box you can add in the details for the route, including:

Icon: You can change the image and color for the route by clicking on the gray truck icon.

Techs: You can assign specific techs to the route, they will be automatically assigned to jobs scheduled to the route.

Active: Check this box if want this route to show up on the schedule, to remove it from the schedule uncheck this box.

Name: The name for this Route.

Phone: (Optional) A phone number for this route.

Position: What position this route shows up on the schedule (unless organized alphabetically).

Appointment Default Duration: What any appointments scheduled for this route will have as their default duration.

Services/Groups: Think of these as tags on social media, you can add in grouping names or add tags you want to use to identify different groups.

For more information on setting up your schedule, click here.