In Progress (Home)

Shows you a list of important, in-progress tasks.

  • Leads: shows a count of all new leads in the system. New leads are leads entered in the last 30 days
  • Pending Activities: count of pending activities still awaiting completion
  • Current Estimates: count of estimates created in the last 60 days Also shows the total of these estimates to show you potential revenue if all estimates are converted
  • Ready to Invoice: work orders that had a scheduled appointment that is now in the past and no further appointments are scheduled in the future
  • Because invoicing is such a critical step in your workflow, this section helps you identify any orders that are either ready to be invoiced the order was cancelled/postponed and not properly removed from the schedule
  • Also shows the total of these orders to show you potential revenue
  • Unpaid Invoices: invoices that are still awaiting payment Also shows the total accounts receivable remaining to be collected