Deactivating a Route and Reassigning Appointments

When Should I Deactivate A Route?

If you need to remove a route due to team changes, or changes in how you want your schedule to be set up, deactivating a route can let you start fresh. Keep in mind, it is always possible to simply rename the route and assign other technicians to it, deactivating is never required. 

Please Note: When moving appointments to a new route, all the past appointments (completed) attached to the deactivated route will disappear from the schedule. When moving appointments to another route, please be aware this act doesn’t prevent conflicts from occurring, if an appointment is already booked at that time and date on the active route.

How To Deactivate a Route and Reassign Appointments? 

To deactivate a route, open your routes by selecting “Scheduling” in the left-hand side menu, then select “Routes”.

Select the route you want to deactivate by clicking on the name of the route. 

Uncheck the “Active” box then click “Save”.

A window will appear asking you to select a route these appointments should be reassigned to. Find the route that you want these appointments to be moved to and click “Reassign Appointments”, or click “Leave Appointments” to not reassign the appointments (Those appointments will be removed from the schedule).