Release Notes v6.6.9

Below are all of the release notes for version 6.6.9 of ServiceMonster:


Released: January 26th, 2023


  • Added Arrival Windows feature to schedule and route settings learn more
  • Added Arrival Window to appointment hover pop up and sidecar of Schedule v2.0 when setting is enabled
  • Added Arrival Window to appointment modal when setting is enabled
  • Added Arrival Window to route packets when setting is enabled
  • Added new arrival window merge field for both email and SMS templates [APPT_ARRIVALWINDOW]
  • Updated banner message for trial users
  • Added In-Progress grid view to the Leads list which shows all leads that are not open, declined, or completed
  • Added Sales Tax breakdown to subscription receipts, subscription page, and FMS approval wizard learn more


  • Custom view builder on grids now properly shows custom profile field names
  • Resolved an API issue where appointments created via API were not auto-triggering appointment reminders when that setting was enabled
  • Updated the appointment details tab in the schedule settings from Site Zip -> Site Zip/Postal Code and Site State -> Site State/Province
  • Fixed an error that occurred when sorting the activities grid on an order
  • Fixed an issue where tax rates would default to the first listed tax rate rather than the company’s default tax rate if that default tax rate had been deactivated
  • Fixed an intermittent error when adding a new route to the schedule


Released: February 2nd, 2023


  • Updated N-Hance home dashboard to show ROI as a ratio rather than percentage
  • Added a “0 hours” offset option to Arrival Window settings


  • Disabling arrival windows now properly disables any custom route arrival settings as well
  • Fixed the browser label when on the subscription page to no longer show “unknown view”
  • Sending email from the schedule 2.0 sidecar now properly passes the appointment ID so that email/SMS messages sent with appointment related merge fields target the correct appointment when multiple appointments are scheduled for a single order
  • Text on the API users grid is now selectable to copy/paste
  • Error message will populate when sending a blank SMS message

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