What is a User License?

What is a User License?

A user license in ServiceMonster grants access to one additional route and one additional employee record within the system. 

Routes are used for scheduling, you can learn more about routes by clicking here. 

Employee records are the record of your employee in the system, who can then be assigned to appointments, accounts, orders, or activities. Employee's can also be setup to have access to login to the system at different security levels. To learn more about employees in ServiceMonster click here, to learn more about security roles; click here. 

Different subscription levels within ServiceMonster come with a set number of default user licenses. Currently those defaults are:

  • Basic - 1 user license
  • Grow - 5 user licenses
  • Premier - 10 user licenses

Additional user licenses can be purchased at $10 a month ($8/month if on an annual plan). Reach out to our support team for more information about adding user licenses.