Webforms for your Website

What are Webforms?

Setting up Webforms on your personal business website allows you to stay in contact with possible or current clients during all hours of the day. They are simple and free to set up through ServiceMonster, and make it easy for customers to request a quote and schedule jobs directly from your website

Creating and Using Webforms

To set up webforms go to Marketplace and click on ServiceMonster WebForms

Select the Configuration" tab at the top to view webform details.

Click on the "Subscribe" Button

You can now set up your Webform!

Options within the Webform


The Button style means there will be a button on your website that will take the user to a webform when clicked

What the button looks like
Example of the webform

IFrame mean the form itself with be embedded into your website

Email Required: Checking this box makes it so it is the email field is required to be filled before the form can be submitted

Use Custom Confirmation Page (https required): If you want costumers to go to a specific page once they have submitted the webform, you can check this box and leave the link in the text box.

Send Notifications for New Leads: Check this box and enter in an email address notifications should be sent to if you want to receive email notifications for new leads.

Show Lead Source Selector: Checking this box allows clients to select how they discovered your business, which can be a helpful tool for marketing purposes.

Show Schedule: Allows you to pick and choose how much and if clients can see the schedule from the webform. You can specify if you want to show weekends and/or what routes you would like to be seen. Customers wont be able to see appointment details, just what times are or are not available to them.

How do I set up Webforms on my business' website?

Copy the "Code Snippet" on the upper right hand side of the configuration page. Paste that into your website, and like that it is all set up!

Where do I view the potential customer information in ServiceMonster that was submitted with a Webform from my website?

Go to leads

Change the drop down box to say "All Leads"

You will see all potential customer information submitted via webform here

Click on whatever one you want to decline, accept with opportunity, or simply accept the lead

Revealing You Lead Sources in Your Webforms

You’ve done it!  You have got your webforms all set up and you’re ready for those inquiries to come rolling in.

But then you notice something, you have no idea where your leads are coming from.  You look at the “How did you hear about us?” dropdown, and you notice there are no options to select. “Why are my lead sources not displaying?” you ask.  Allow me to reveal your sources.

Please follow the steps below to ensure your lead sources show up in the “How did you hear about us?” dropdown.

Select the Marketing Tab, and select Campaigns

Select Active Campaigns

Type Lead Source in Search Bar (or type desired lead source or campaign)

Select Desired Lead Source by clicking on the campaign name, then check the Public Box.

Select Save

And you’re golden.  The appropriate lead source will now show up in the “How did you hear about us dropdown”.  You have revealed your sources.

Note: You can mark any marketing campaign as public, not just lead sources.