What is Chiirp?

Chiirp is a platform which allows you to host and automate your client communication in one place. Set up automated texting, email, and ringless voicemail using your ServiceMonster Account list, create automated lead follow ups, and respond to text messages right from the Chiirp Website.
To learn more about the ServiceMonster and Chiirp integration click here.

How To Set Up The Chiirp and ServiceMonster Integration

Your first step will be to create a Chiirp account. Follow this link to schedule a demo or sign up with Chiirp.

Chiirp's support team will help you get your business set up within their system.

Once you have set up your account within Chiirp, open ServiceMonster and go to the Marketplace (Note: Chiirp integration is not available in ServiceMonster Legacy). Select Chiirp from the list of integrations and go to the configuration tab.

Click on the link to connect your Chiirp account with your ServiceMonster account by signing into Chiirp.

The integration is complete! For help setting up your automation with Chiirp get in touch with the Chiirp support team.