The Data Security Badge

What is the Data Security Badge?

Privacy is something that all consumers are concerned about these days, and your customers are no exception. Offer them the peace of mind that if they choose to do business with you, their data isn’t going to be sold or traded, they won’t be spammed, and their personal information will be kept private and securely contained – because their field service company uses ServiceMonster!

The ServiceMonster Data Security Badge is a small marker that displays on your website, branding you a trusted service professional and letting your visitors know that you use a software company for business management that guarantees data integrity and security.

In the age of constant data security threats and breaches, consumers are understandably mistrusting and skeptical when asked to provide personal information to a company. This badge will reassure them that your business is trustworthy, and one that they can feel safe hiring. With this in mind, we recommend placing the badge somewhere on your website where your customers will be sure to see it, like on the homepage or in the footer of your site.

How to use The Data Security Badge

Go to the Marketplace and click on the ServiceMonster Data Security Badge

Click on the Configuration tab

Here is the code for the Secure Data Badge, click on the "Copy To Clipboard" button to copy the text.

Copy and paste the code to your site's HTML editor. We recommend putting the security badge in a noticeable place on your site (Ex: homepage or footer of site)

When customers click on the security badge, they will be redirected to a page that describes what the badge represents and how they benefit from your use of ServiceMonster 6 which you can see here:

Show your customers that their data is secure with your company.