Syncing with Google Calendar

What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a calendar application offered by Google. It can be used to quickly schedule events, make multiple calendars, and share with others so entire teams can be working off the same calendar.

ServiceMonster and Google Calendar can be connected with a one-way or two-way sync, letting you also create events in Google Calendar that can be converted into appointments in ServiceMonster and offering the capability to adjust the duration and time of appointments in Google Calendar.

Syncing with Google Calendar

To sign-up for a Google account, visit:

Things to note: As a rule, ServiceMonster syncs one calendar to one route, and we do not recommend syncing ServiceMonster 6 with your main calendar.

How to sync Google Calendar with ServiceMonster

Go to your ServiceMonster account and click on Marketplace, and click on the Google Calendar Integration Icon

Click on the "Configuration" tab.

Select the green "Grant Access to Google Account" button

A Google Sign In pop-up will appear, choose the account that you want to be connected with Service Monster

Allow to manage your calendars

You can now choose how your calendar should synchronize.

Choose 1-way or 2-way synchronization.

1-Way means that creating a job in ServiceMonster will create an event in your Google calendar.

2-Way means that creating a job in ServiceMonster will create an event in Google calendar, and events in Google calendar will appear on your ServiceMonster Schedule

Under "Select which Calendar you want mapped to each route," choose which calendar you want in the drop downs next to your routes. We will explain how to make another calendar down below.

When you're done, select "Save Settings"

Under "Export Existing Schedule-Items," set your desired export date range

Click Export

Creating additional calendars for specific routes.

Creating additional calendars is easy, and each route you have on ServiceMonster will need its own calendar


Select the "+" button next to "Other Calendars"

In the drop down, click "Create new calendar"

Name the calendar (we suggest naming it exactly as you name your routes in ServiceMonster...Route 1? 2? Etc.)

Click "Create Calendar"

You should now find your new calendar in the sidebar

To share with your technicians, select the calendar in the sidebar and in the drop down, click "Settings and sharing"

This will take you to the calendars settings, click on the "Share with specific people" link on the left hand menu.

Click "Add People" and type in each of your technicians' e-mail addresses

Click "Send"

Repeat these steps to create and share Google calendars

Disabling synchronization with Google calendar.

Go to the configuration tab for Google Calendar Integration and click on the red "Revoke Access to Your Google Account" button at the lower right hand side of the page.

What do my appointments look like in Google calendar?

First, make sure that you have selected to view all the calendars that are connected to routes.

Any appointments will show up color coded by calendar/route. Information such as address, time will show up on the calendar event.

If you click on an appointment you can see any notes you left on the order.

How to turn Google events into a ServiceMonster Appointment:

If you have 2-way synchronization set up, you will be able to make events in you Google calendar that will show up in ServiceMonster.

If you choose to set up your calendar that way, here is how you can turn that event into an appointment.

Go into your schedule on ServiceMonster. Go to the day, time, and route that you scheduled the event for. It will show up as a GCAL EVENT

Double click on the event, and the Quick Add box will pop up.

Start filling out the clients details. If your client already has an account with you on ServiceMonster, then you will be able to choose them from the "PossibleMatches" box once they appear. If not, simply fill out all of the details to create a new account.

Click on the Order tab and fill out the details of the order. If there is a preexisting order you are scheduling, click on the small "x" next to the Order tab, and use the Order Lookup option to find the order.

You can then click save and close, or if you would like send out a confirmation email or text from the Confirmation tab.

Your Google Calendar event is now a ServiceMonster appointment!