Stripe Payment Processing

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment processing application which works hand in hand with the desktop and mobile versions of ServiceMonster. It's PCI compliant and completely free to enable or use the Stripe integration through your ServiceMonster account.

For Stripe's Pay-as-you-go pricing details, click here:

A Stripe account is required, but you can create it at any time: before you integrate, as part of the integration process, or after you integrate.  

Setting Up Stripe:

Go to the Marketplace, and click on Stripe.

Click on the Configuration tab.

Click on the "Set Up Your Payments Account" button

In the pop-up, set up your new Stripe account or if you already have one sign in

Once you're set up, you won't have to do it again and it will automatically be integrated in ServiceMonster

Easy way to process credit cards with Stripe

  • Go to a work order
  • Select "New Payment" at the top
  • Fill out necessary card information
  • Select Run Credit Card
  • Enter in the necessary info
  • Click run charge
  • Click yes

Viewing Stripe payments in ServiceMonster

  • From the same work order page, click on the Payments tab
  • Or select Orders, click Payments, and click $Dashboard at the top
  • $Dashboard is only available for users integrated with Stripe