Settings On Mobile

What Is The Settings Page?

The settings page is your hub for adjusting your settings on ServiceMonster.

Click here to view the guide to schedule settings on the Desktop Version of ServiceMonster.

Where Can I Find My Settings?

To open your settings on mobile, simply click on “Settings” on the home screen. 

This opens a menu where you can view and edit some of your settings within ServiceMonster. 

Log Out:

Here you can view what version of the ServiceMonster App you are using, what account you are logged in as, and can log out by clicking “Log Out

Company Info:

Click here to open and view your company info. Here you can edit the company name, logo, company address, phone number, email, website, reference number, fax, tax ID, time zone, and date display style. 

Products & Services:

Here you can view, edit, and create new products and services. 


Here you can view and edit your picklists (Drop-down lists available across the system)

Tax Rates:

Here you can view, edit, and create new Tax Rates. 

SMS Templates:

Here you can view, edit, and create new SMS Templates.  To learn more about creating SMS Templates click here. 

Custom Account Fields:

Here you can view, edit, and create new custom fields. To learn more about custom account fields click here. 

Contact Us:

Here you can see information about how to contact us at ServiceMonster. 

Home and Schedule:

Here you can toggle between the home page and the schedule. 

The ServiceMonster Mobile App is available here:

Apple App Store

Google Play  

You can view a video guide to our mobile app here:

Admin View

Tech View

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