Send Jim (Radius Bomb)

What is SendJim?

SendJim is marketing automation software that automatically follows up with your leads, prospects, and customers, so you can stay in touch without breaking a sweat.

The SendJim integration in ServiceMonster enables you to send postcards to your customers and their neighbors with ease. The feature, called Radius Bomb, offers automated five-arounds for direct mail – boosting your business and helping you distinguish yourself from your competition.

Configuring Send Jim and ServiceMonster

  • Go to
  • Sign up for an account or demo if you have not already
  • Once your account is set up return to ServiceMonster
  • Go to the Marketplace and click on Send Jim, then the Configuration tab.
  • Click on "Grant Access to Your Send Jim Account"
  • Once your account is configured your customer list will be automatically imported into SendJim, which you can then use for postcards, gifts, or more!

Note: Be sure to check your SendJim settings for the following items as they are required in order to function. Auto-replenish must be turned on and you must set up a maximum send limit. If these are not enabled connection with SendJim will not work.