Orders Home Page

What is the Orders Home Page?

This page is your main location to keep track of orders and what stage they are at, process payments, assign commissions, and run your Quickbooks transfers.

For more information on creating an order click here.

Order List:

See a list of your orders, create new orders, or convert orders. Here you can filter by order type, or search for a specific order.


See your list of payments, edit those payments, or record new payments.


See your list of employee commissions, create or assign new commissions, and mark them as paid.


Export invoices and payments over to Quickbooks.

Print Settings:

Adjust your print settings, add in a disclaimer to your default forms, and view your order forms.

In Progress:

Here you can view what orders are "In progress". You can click on any of the four boxes here to be taken to a page to work on that area.

Current Estimates:

Count of estimates created in the last 60 days, also shows the total of these estimates to show you potential revenue if all estimates are converted.

Unscheduled Approved Orders:

Shows any approved orders (non-invoices) that have yet to be scheduled to complete the work. Cancelled appointments and "Estimate" type appointments are bypassed in this step, as neither of those appointment types indicate that work has been completed.

Check here for more information on how to use our order approval feature

Ready to Invoice:

Work orders that had a scheduled appointment that is now in the past and no further appointments are scheduled in the future. Because invoicing is such a critical step in your workflow, this section helps you identify any orders that are either ready to be invoiced or the order was canceled/postponed and not properly removed from the schedule. Also shows the total of these orders to show you potential revenue

Unpaid Invoices:

invoices that are still awaiting payment, this also shows the total accounts receivable remaining to be collected.

Average Invoice

Shows the average invoice total, broken down by residential and commercial customers, over a rolling 90 day period. The large number represents the average $ amount this period, while the smaller number represents a growth (green) or decline (red) in the average invoice amount

Does this include $0 invoices?

Yes, this includes all invoices so you can correctly take into account work that was completed even if no revenue was gained.

If rework on the same order is a concern, remember that you can schedule multiple appointments from an order.  This means you can schedule another appointment from the original invoice and make notes for the technicians on what services need to be redone.

Income by Product/Service Group (90 Days)

Shows a breakdown of your top-performing product/service groups

How do I group my products and services?

Click the ? icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen while in ServiceMonster and then select "In App Training" from the drop-down menu.  From there, look for the lesson titled: “Setting-up Price List”.