New Account on Mobile

What Is An Account?

An Account is where you store your client's information within ServiceMonster. You can create both Residential and Commercial Accounts and can have multiple sites on one Account.

You will need to create an account for your client before you can create any orders for them within ServiceMonster.

For a guide to making a new account on the desktop version of ServiceMonster, click here.

You can quickly create a new account on the mobile app from both the home page. On the home page, click “New Account”.

This opens a page where you can enter in the details for the account. Not every field is required, residential accounts require a first name, and commercial accounts require a company name.

First Name (required for residential accounts): Add in the client’s first name.

Last Name: Add in the client’s last name.

Residential or Commercial: Choose if it is a residential or commercial account. 

Company Name (required for commercial accounts): If there is a company name associated with this account, enter it in here. 

Mobile, Home, Work: Choose what type of phone number the client’s phone number was. 

Phone: Enter in the clients phone number.

Text: You can toggle on or off texting to this phone number. If the chat icon is blue this phone number is marked as a number you can send text messages to. 

Email: Enter in the client’s email address. 

Account Note: Here you can add in notes on the account. This is the accounting memo, here you can enter in information about 

Add Default Site: Clicking here opens a window where you can add in the site information. 

Account Type: Here you can choose an account type, you can also create a new option by clicking on the “+” button. 

Sub-Type: Here you can pick an account sub-type. You can also create a new option by clicking on the “+” button. 

Lead Source Type: Here you can pick the lead source type, picking between Campaign (Marketing campaigns within and outside of ServiceMonster), or Account (Another account that you have worked with in the past)

Search Lead Source: Here you can search for the lead source for this account. As you search for options any past lead sources will appear for you to select them. You can also create a new one by clicking on the “+” button. 

Payment Terms: Choose between Due Upon Receipt, Net 15, Net 30, Net 60. 

Tax Rate: Choose a tax rate that should be applied to this account. 

Tax Exempt: Check this box if this account is tax exempt.

Once you have finished, click on the check-mark in the upper right hand corner to create the account.

The ServiceMonster Mobile App is available here:

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You can view a video guide to our mobile app here:

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