Creating A Package

What Is a Package?

In ServiceMonster, a package is a collection or products and or services that you offer as a group to your client. Packages are an easy way to advertise multiple services or products to your client at once, or you could create packages of common combinations of services or products that your clients make to easily select when creating an order. 

How Do I Make a Package?

You can start building a package by going to the settings page and selecting “Packages”.

Here you can view your list of Packages as well as create a new package. 

To create a new package, click “+ New Package”. This will open a new window where you can begin building your package. 

Here you can enter in the following information:

Name: The name for this package, make sure it is something you can easily recognize. 

Description: A description of the package. 

Line Items: Add the products and services that are included in this package.

Click “Save and Close” to finish creating the package. 

How Can I Use a Package?

When creating an order you can easily add a package. All that you have to do is select “Add Package” when building an order. 

Here you can search for and select a package by clicking on it.


When you click on a package, those line items will automatically be added to the order.