Release Notes v6.8.1

Release Notes for: 6.8.1
Released on: 6/25/24


  • Added filter to restrict file types that can be uploaded via ServiceMonster. An error message will display if users attempts to upload an unsupported file type.
  • “Locked” field is now labeled “Locked Price” on the products/services screen to reduce confusion
  • Renamed “Advanced Options” button to “Merge Fields” in the email templates editor
  • Refreshed icons across app and updated Account Icon to be 2 person “user-group”


  • Sales by Month dashboard on Home v2.0 now properly displays Pre-tax Totals rather than Grand Totals
  • Fixed an issue with the Google Calendar integration where moving appointments in SM would sometimes cause duplicate events to show in Google Calendar.
  • Fixed an issue where some cities wouldn’t show properly in the address widget after looking up an address
  • Added additional exception handling for transactions
  • FMS campaigns can no longer be deleted once they have been approved to be printed
  • Fixed an issue where some users could not view past months while in the month view of schedule v2.0
  • Fixed an error when navigating to the SendJim Marketplace listing
  • Fixed MTD calculation for previous year on Home v2.0 Company Summary to account for leap year

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