Release Notes v6.6.7

Below are all of the release notes for version 6.6.7 of ServiceMonster:


Released: November 1st, 2022


  • New default home page for N-Hance users
  • Added sales rep field to account grid view as an option to show to show sales rep assigned to account
  • Improved UI during user deactivation/reactivation process


  • Credit card payment screens now correctly default to the billing address rather than the service address
  • SMS templates are now properly capped at 512 characters
  • Fixed issue with grid view “unscheduled approved orders” so that it returns expected results of orders that have been approved but not yet scheduled to be completed
  • Fixed an issue where the state and zip fields were showing as blank when viewing via opportunity
  • Users can no longer delete a site record if it’s associated with an opportunity to avoid broken links
  • SMS messages sent from appointment modal now show up in order activities grid in addition to the account activities grid
  • Completed date on the account overview page now properly matches the completed date listed on the invoice
  • Campaign results dashboard now correctly calculates based off of order sub-totals, not grand total
  • Top campaigns (90 days) dashboard calculation now properly includes the new marketing expense table
  • Hover pop up for a scheduled activity now shows the message body text even when a subject field is blank
  • Time stamp for employee flags on schedule map now show local date/time of check-in/out from the device rather than “x hours ago”
  • Delete button on credit memos now simply say “delete” rather than “delete payment”
  • Credit memo window no longer shows unused payment fields when opened from the order page
  • Credit memo delete confirmation popup uses the correct “credit memo” verbiage rather than “payment”
  • Fixed links on FMS dashboards to navigate to correct grid views
  • Updated account overview page to allow more than 50 orders listed, however this will only occur if a user expands that individual section
  • Fixed a typo on “what’s new” section on account sidecar
  • Tax maximum setting properly working
  • Fixed an issue where some images would upload upside down in the thumbnail preview
  • Fixed an issue where users were sometimes able to bypass required lead source option
  • Updated UI of purchase page to better indicate current user licenses if user has upgraded or downgraded to a different plan during the trial process and what sub-total is charged today if purchased
  • Added additional colors to pie chart config for better differentiation on the charts
  • Added a route selector scrollbar when scheduling via the Quick Add to ensure companies with large amounts of routes are able to view them all in the small screen space
  • Improved expiration date UI on the online invoice page for users
  • Fixed issue where the “All Estimates” field on the 1.1 and 1.0 Home Pages was only showing estimates within the last 60 days


Released: November 2nd, 2022


  • Fixed a bug where “Current Estimates” on the In Progress dashboard were showing data for “All Estimates”


Released: November 10th, 2022


  • Updated Account Overview UI to allow all sub-sections with actionable items to be viewed directly on Account Overview page rather than limiting to 50 records max. Each section will expand into a scrollable area if additional space is needed to view them.


  • Account Overview sub-sections will once again be open by default if any actionable items exist in the list
  • Fixed a typo in the ROI calculation on the Top Campaigns (90 Days) dashboard on the Marketing home page


Released: November 17th, 2022


  • Fixed an issue where adding an order note in the Quick Add caused the lead source to not save
  • Voiding an order will no longer automatically cancel appointments that occurred in the past, regardless of appointment status
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the default tax rate tied to an account was overriding a custom tax rate set to a specific order
  • Dropdown menu for the unpaid invoices, open work orders, and open estimates sections of the Account Overview pages now properly layers so that no scrolling is needed to select menu options
  • If an input is added to the Service Item dimensions field that is not usable (e.g. most alpha characters outside of x for multiplication), the quantity will now show as 0 rather than waiting for an error message when attempting a save
  • If multiple email addresses are listed in the “send notifications for new leads” field (separated by a semicolon) on the Webforms config page, the notification will now properly send to all listed email addresses instead of only the most recently added


Released: November 21st, 2022


  • Fixed an issue where some mathematical symbols were not working when attempting to calculate quantity via the dimensions field for service items
  • Fixed an issue where account images taken in landscape mode weren’t displaying correctly on the various account cards

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