Release Notes v6.6.3

Below are all of the release notes for version 6.6.3 of ServiceMonster:


Released: October 21st, 2021


  • Updated the Quick Add “New Account” UI
  • Added a “details” tab to the Quick Add “New Account” page for users that need to add more advanced information when creating accounts
  • Updated the line item discount toggle to be more clear to users
  • Added Webform configuration toggle to disable/enable automatic email receipts sent to clients
  • Updated UI when creating new custom field to make it more obvious to users


  • Resolved an issue where line item dollar discounts of $1000 or more would cause an error
  • Improved behavior between opportunities and orders linked to opportunities so that invoices no longer disappear from the opportunities screen (for historical purposes)
  • Small UI tweaks to the orders lists on opportunities screen
  • Webforms no longer incorrectly show weekends if that toggle is disabled
  • Dragging appointment off of waitlist once again properly removes appointment  from the waitlist


Released: October 29th 2021


  • Resolved an issue where some users were unable to see all of their profile fields on the new details tab in the Quick Add


Released: November 3rd 2021


  • Updated Refer-a-Friend button for the November special offer. Any successful referral receives two free months of ServiceMonster!
  • Drip Campaign results page now allows user to view all results rather than just the first 16.


  • Fixed an issue where manually created prospect accounts were not properly updating to “customer” status upon invoicing.
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