Release Notes v6.6.3

Below are all of the release notes for version 6.6.3 of ServiceMonster:


Released: October 21st, 2021


  • Updated the Quick Add “New Account” UI
  • Added a “details” tab to the Quick Add “New Account” page for users that need to add more advanced information when creating accounts
  • Updated the line item discount toggle to be more clear to users
  • Added Webform configuration toggle to disable/enable automatic email receipts sent to clients
  • Updated UI when creating new custom field to make it more obvious to users


  • Resolved an issue where line item dollar discounts of $1000 or more would cause an error
  • Improved behavior between opportunities and orders linked to opportunities so that invoices no longer disappear from the opportunities screen (for historical purposes)
  • Small UI tweaks to the orders lists on opportunities screen
  • Webforms no longer incorrectly show weekends if that toggle is disabled
  • Dragging appointment off of waitlist once again properly removes appointment  from the waitlist


Released: October 29th 2021


  • Resolved an issue where some users were unable to see all of their profile fields on the new details tab in the Quick Add


Released: November 3rd 2021


  • Updated Refer-a-Friend button for the November special offer. Any successful referral receives two free months of ServiceMonster!
  • Drip Campaign results page now allows user to view all results rather than just the first 16.


  • Fixed an issue where manually created prospect accounts were not properly updating to “customer” status upon invoicing.


Released: November 19th 2021


  • Added GPS flags to Schedule v2.0 to show Technician location when checking in/out from appointments
  • Added API Parameter to WebLeads to Disable Email Receipt Notification to Client


  • The “Type” field in the Quick Add Account Details tab now properly defaults to company setting (prospect or customer), rather than always defaulting to “customer” only
  • Account tags in the Quick Add details tab now properly show suggestions for already created tags


Released: November 29th 2021


  • Site notes increased to 2048 characters
  • Input fields within SM 6 now will indicate when you are at max character limit and stop further input


  • Sales reps now properly show via icon on Kanban cards
  • Made improvements to the results view for both drip and normal campaigns when swapping between “preview” and “all results” modes
  • Route tag background (In edit route window) updated to make it more easily understood it is an editable field
  • Fixed the record types of Tag_Account, OrderItem, and Activities within the primary audit screen so that they navigate user to the appropriate page or open a modal when link is clicked


Released: December 7th 2021


  • Fixed UI glitch on company settings where the note field counter displayed in the wrong location
  • Selecting the “Tag_Account” audit record will now properly highlight which tag was selected from the audit grid
  • Fixed an issue where users could not edit or create a vendor from the inventory page
  • PhoneNumber Input Fields will allow alpha characters once again for users who have mixed data  
  • Default tax rate in Quick Add properly matches default tax rate selected on Company Info in Settings


Released: December 16th 2021


  • Added advanced options to the “more options” dropdown in grid views for products and services


  • Fixed an error so that billing statement disclaimer edits properly save


Released: January 6th 2022


  • Added “Inactive” and “Default” grid views to the products and services grids
  • Added 10 new “default” services for new trial users  
  • Updated default columns for the active/all grid views for products and services


  • Fixed an issue where voiding an order would sometimes time out by updating the Google Calendar sync event to run in the background thread so that the order save doesn’t have to wait for those to complete.
  • Account referrals selected as the lead source for a new lead now properly save as expected


Released: January 17th 2022


  • Made changes to new trial process to make it easier to schedule a demo if desired


  • Fixed an error on the manage service items modal where previously created service items would not show
  • Resolved an issue where some opportunities were not showing as an option when trying to select from an order


Released: January 18th 2022


  • Resolved an error when trying to save bulk service items
  • Updated the bulk add/edit service items modal to no longer display “null” if no address is attached to the site  

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