Release Notes v6.6.2

Below are all of the release notes for version 6.6.2 of ServiceMonster:


Released: September 8th, 2021


  • New billing receipts will now show as expected in the new subscription page introduced in 6.6.1
  • Updated new trial process UI
  • SMS Quick Text setup is now available. Select up to 2 SMS templates to be set as “Quick Text” so that mobile users can send these messages with one click from the mobile app. If any Quick Text templates are selected, they will show on the SMS page within the mobile app


  • Schedule now properly refreshes after dragging appointment from waitlist to schedule
  • Appointments that are tied to the waitlist will no longer automatically remove from the wait list if they are dragged to a new start time or route
  • Removed ability to apply a negative discount
  • Resolved an issue where when attaching multiple products/services to an inventory item, only the first one saves
  • Removed dirty flag from the “Go to Account” button on Quick Add so that users now properly close the quick add and navigate to the selected account on one click
  • The marketing “Company Website” merge field now matches the formatting of the standard email template “Company Website” merge field
  • Manually creating a new lead will now properly update the county and country fields on the site details page
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