Release Notes v6.6.14

Below are all of the release notes for version 6.6.14 of ServiceMonster:


Released: May 25th, 2023


  • Added link to API documentation to the API users page
  • Added Site Name to Schedule v2.0 Sidebar Appointment Cards (to the right of the address 1)
  • Added Order Group and Sub-Group to Zapier order triggers
  • Updated Zapier test process to allow access to recently updated data within ServiceMonster for better testing prior to launching the Zap


  • Fixed an issue where FMS chart view was showing the next run date as off by one day
  • Emails sent via Appointment Confirmation are now correctly flagged as an Email type Activity, rather than the default Note type
  • Sorting by the Zip column in the Run Campaign modal for mail label campaigns now works as expected
  • Users can no longer save an email campaign with too many characters in the name (which then caused an error when attempting to run said campaign)
  • Account Creation webhook trigger now properly returns data in expected format when Account is created as part of a new Lead
  • Updated the Call Campaign screen date picker so that it is fully visible initially, rather than requiring scrolling down
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