Release Notes v6.6.12

Below are all of the release notes for version 6.6.12 of ServiceMonster:


Released: May 2nd, 2023


New Schedule Quality of Life improvements:

  • Added a copy feature for appointments and activities on the schedule to save users time when an additional event is needed. Users can do this action with the right click context menu on an appt or activity or in the sidebar with the appt or activity expanded.
  • Updated the schedule sidebar events as follows:
  • Appointments → Added tips to better communicate the primary action better for the details, account, and site links in the header section. Also changed the “Complete” verbiage to “Completion Wizard” to avoid confusion with the “complete” appt status. Added a “more options” menu button as well that includes the copy feature, new activity creation, and notification settings
  • Activities → Added tips to better communicate the primary action better for the details link in the header section. Added the technicians picker for one click access. Added menu bar with the copy, complete, and delete actions.
  • Recurring Appt Reminders → Added tips to better communicate the primary action better for the details, account, and site links in the header section. Also added menu bar with create WO, create INV, and dismiss actions.
  • Google Events → Added tips to better communicate the primary action in the header section to convert to appointment
  • Updated various right click context menus to have group separators for better organization as well as adding the following:
  • Appointment → Added Copy and Complete Appt actions
  • Activity → Added Copy action
  • Added a quick action Print button to the order section of the appointment event in the expanded sidebar
  • Added red border for appointment conflicts that are unstacked to make it more obvious on busy schedules where conflicts exist

New Activity type - SMS:

  • Created a new custom activity type for sent SMS messages that shows who the message was sent to, the body of the message, and when it was sent
  • Added a new default view in the activities lists to view “All SMS” activities

Improved payment functionality in regards to voided orders as follows to avoid orphaned payment records:

  • Users cannot void (or delete) an order if a payment is attached, the tooltip will notify the user that they need to handle the payment first
  • If user is on a voided order, the new payment action is disabled (also goes for split payments)
  • If a user attempts to batch void a group of orders, a message will show that indicates orders with payments attached will be skipped in the batch update process

Additional Features:

  • Added a “Notification Name” column to the Notifications list so that it’s easier to identify what the notification was for
  • Added a copy feature to Print Options


  • Fixed an issue where Order Approval links sent via SMS were not properly flagging the order with the updated approval status
  • Fixed an issue where some of the Activities grids were not sorting newest → oldest by default
  • Account History grid view “All Orders” now properly only displays orders as expected
  • Fixed a styling issue on the “create new” and “copy lead note to” menus on the Lead Sheet
  • Last invoice date merge field will now properly fill with sample data when sending a test email from a marketing campaign
  • Users are no longer able to edit a locked product or service when they are part of a package

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