Release Notes v6.6.11

Below are all of the release notes for version 6.6.11 of ServiceMonster:


Released: April 4th, 2023


  • Schedule v2.0 added a toggle for stacking conflicts. Unstacked conflicts will show side-by-side and shrink to fit within the route column width as additional conflicts are added to the same time period. Note: Appointment cards will eventually stop showing appointment details even with that setting enabled once they shrink to a small enough size
  • Added a % increase/decrease option to the batch price update tool for products/services
  • Recurring Appointments UI redesigned for easier accessibility/readability
  • Recurring Appointments added the following settings as options: Order Print Style, Order Lead Source, Order Group, Order Sub-Group, Order Sales Rep, Appointment Type
  • Company Settings UI redesigned for easier accessibility/readability
  • Added new Company Setting to set default terms for both Residential and Commercial account
  • Added new Company Setting to set default order type when creating new orders
  • Added “What’s New” to Home v1.1 and v1.0 to improve visibility for new releases and other SM news
  • Invoice Page/Online Payment form UI updated to allow additional config options and better usability (similar to the Order Approval changes in 6.6.10)
  • Added a “Declined Orders – 30 days” section to the In Progress dashboard on the Orders home page
  • Activities and Reminders (for recurring appointments) on the schedule now show a solid background color when details are turned on to help better differentiate these items from regular appointments
  • Redesigned UI toggle for line item discounts to make it more clear to users that a flat $ or a % discount can be selected
  • Added a “Favorite Product/Service” default view to the products/services lists
  • Added placeholder text in the Quantity and Price fields in the batch update products/services tool to better guide users
  • Added grid advanced options to the Appt History tab on an Account


  • Global search will no longer show multiple results for the same account if multiple sites exist with the same search terms
  • Fixed a visual bug during the week of DST change where the 2:00 am hour wasn’t visible on the schedule
  • Order number is now a clickable link in the appointment list
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes split credit memos could not be re-opened after saving
  • If a user creates a new account/order/appt via the Quick Add, the SMS text dropdown will default to the first textable number if user opts to send a confirmation or reminder text
  • Line item editor “clear all” function no longer shows a count for number of lines being removed as it was redundant
  • Fixed an issue where applying a discount to an order with a mixture of taxable and non-taxable items was causing an incorrect sub-total
  • Drip Campaign name will now properly update on the Campaign Transaction page after a campaign name is changed
  • When using a new global search, any prior filters added to the global search grid will be removed
  • Route Advanced Tab label changed from “Future Events” to “Future Appointments” to avoid confusion
  • Route tags now properly show existing tags as search options when entering a tag on a route the Edit Route modal
  • Resolved an issue where an approved order that had both a cancelled appt and a scheduled appt was causing that order to show in the Unscheduled Approved Orders list
  • Fixed an issue where some users were having duplicate account tags created

6.6.11 Hotfix 1

Released: April 5th, 2023


  • Users will properly default to the stacked conflicts toggle as “on” if they haven’t already manually adjusted the toggle
  • Fixed account and site tooltips in the recurring appts page to properly display the account and site name
  • Fixed an issue on the recurring appts page where the account field would extend over into the appt settings if the account name was large

6.6.11 Hotfix 2

Released: April 12th, 2023


  • Reverted unintentional change to global search that caused Sites to be listed separately from Accounts they are associated with

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