Release Notes v6.6.10

Below are all of the release notes for version 6.6.10 of ServiceMonster:


Released: March 2nd, 2023


  • Added SMS functionality to the Order Details and Account Details pages
  • Estimate Approval tool config added the following options: toggle notes (pulls in the order notes), toggle disclaimers (choose which order disclaimers you wish to show), toggle quantity/price display, toggle display options for logo
  • Estimate Approval tool config updated to allow a Preview mode
  • Added better disable functionality to the Estimate Approval tool
  • Updated the Estimate Approval form UI to clean up some spacing issues and allow better logo display for wider logos
  • Added Advanced tab to Edit Route modal which will allow user to make a one-time batch update to already scheduled appointments. This can be applied to all future appts, appts on a specific day, or appts within a date range.
  • Email activities now show the “To” email address (s) that emails were sent
  • Added an easier path for trial users to input their company address and other basic company info during onboarding/purchasing a paid subscription


  • Updated the “Unpaid Invoices” grid view from the Home and Order dashboards to allow full grid options
  • Added ability to export to csv file from the payments grid
  • Fixed an issue where sending multiple estimate approvals would cause the same order to appear multiple times on the Account Overview display
  • Added Washington DC to the “state/province” dropdown on the online payment form/invoice page
  • Order Last Invoice Group/Subgroup will now update when an existing invoice’s group or subgroup is changed and saved
  • Search and filter functions work properly in the drip campaigns grid
  • Fixed an issue where revoking access to one payment provider in the MarketPlace would revoke access to all payment providers (if the user had setup an alternative)
  • Fixed an issue where the monthly billing for contracts would incorrectly set the next billing date if the previous installment fell on a day that didn’t occur that month (e.g. set for the 30th but Feb only has 28 days)
  • Optimized the account profile update for last email sent to process updates faster during large campaigns
  • Fixed a general Google Maps error
  • Fixed a display issue on Schedule v1.0 in the route totals larger than 4 digits
  • Fixed a bug where tags in dark theme still had the white background on the Edit Route modal
  • Fixed a bug where the daily totals were resetting based on UTC time rather than local time for the N-Hance Home Company Summary dashboard

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