Release Notes v6.6.1

Below are all of the release notes for version 6.6.1 of ServiceMonster:


Released: July 14th, 2021


  • Complete subscription page overhaul for admin level users
  • Subscription page is now a full fledged page on the left nav panel
  • Added ability to choose annual or monthly billing plans
  • Added details section for quick, at-a-glance views at billing data
  • Simplified process for updating billing credit card
  • Added billing history to view and/or download up to 18 months of billing receipts
  • Added email reminders for upcoming payments. These can be toggled off if user wishes not to receive them.
  • Updated subscriptions plan names from Core, Pro, Enterprise to Basic, Grow, and Premier respectively
  • Added user licenses as part of the subscription plan. One user license allows access to one additional route on the schedule and one additional employee record to be added. Each plan will have a default number of user licenses and additional user licenses can either be purchased separately or user can upgrade to a higher plan with additional default licenses
  • Complete redesign of the modify subscription screen to account for user license addition and subscription plan changes
  • Added new elements to the employee and route grids to account for user license update
  • Added new “customize” section to the left nav panel so that users can hide unwanted sections of the nav panel or re-arrange sections of the nav panel


  • Fixed an issue where voided orders would show as “paid” in the appointment screens associated with that order


Released: July 30th, 2021


  • Added a tooltip to explain “user licenses” on the modify subscription page


  • Fixed an issue so that selecting “no, not now” will properly cancel the renew subscription process.
  • Small UI fixes for dark/light themes for the customize nav panel feature.


Released: August 3rd, 2021


  • Scheduling an appointment against an Estimate will now default the appointment type to “estimate” as well, rather than the old “work” default. Appointments scheduled against Work Orders or Invoices will continue to default to appointment type of “work.”
  • Added the ability to download a list of accounts in the Campaign Transaction/History screen


  • Daily/route total calculations now also properly bypass appointments with an appointment type of “estimate”  
  • Fixed an issue where long appointment type text would overlap the day/time text on the hover pop-up on schedule v2.0
  • Removing a faulty time log entry now updates actual start/end times accordingly if another time log exists for that appointment
  • Properly disabled the ability to edit the selected account for activities created within an existing account
  • Fixed an issue where inventory reductions with linked products/services for some users
  • Improved error dialog if user attempts to renew subscription but is rejected for any reason
  • Subscription page now properly anchors to the Subscription section of the left-nav menu
  • Resolved an error caused by having an apostrophe in Opportunity Group Name

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