Release Notes v6.5.6

Below are all of the release notes for version 6.5.5 of ServiceMonster:


Released: March 30th, 2021


  • Added new Lead Services field to Lead Sheet
  • New FMS Campaigns view on Campaigns grid
  • Changed how orders are voided so that the action is driven from the “void order” button rather than the order type dropdown (Estimate, Work Order, Invoice)


  • Fixed an issue where mobile contact imports were not importing the account address
  • Fixed an issue where moving a confirmed appointment reset its status
  • Fixed an issue with hitting delete on an order’s line item
  • Restored functionality of Interlink Supply inventory import.
  • Appointment note fields now support HTML tags
  • Renamed Start Time column in Recurring Appt grid to Start Date
  • Fixed an issue with default tax
  • Max characters for Service Item Name and Dimensions fields is now 128.  Added error dialog if maximum is exceeded.
  • Fixed an issue with deleting an account associated with an active contract
  • Resolved an issue with dragging opportunities around on the Kanban board.
  • Fixed an issue with a new Activity defaulting its technician to the one from the previous Activity
  • Corrected an error with Bulk Add Line Items for Products and Services.
  • Fixed an issue with horizontal scrollbar on Social Media page being cropped at some zoom levels
  • Entering 5 characters of phone number in Quick Add now prompts suggestions without having to first exit the field
  • Updated security group rules for corporate users.
  • Resolved an issue with account custom fields.
  • Eliminated some confusion on the Appt By Type dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue with corrections on orders.
  • Resolved an error when filtering the Active column on the Contract List grid
  • Items in Stage dropdown on Opportunity Details page are now in alphabetical order when Show All Groups is checked.
  • FMS removed from UI if company address is outside USA
  • Added scrollbars to Custom Merge Fields page if required
  • Address line 2 is now displayed in Bill To panel of Order Details page.
  • Improved error messaging for SMS template page.
  • Renamed Corporate Report name for some corporate users.
  • Resolved an issue with unintended saves on Account Details page
  • Several small changes on Campaign Details page for FMS campaigns
  • Fixed an error saving an appointment type with more than 32 characters
  • Fixed an issue with images on Inventory Item page
  • Resolved an issue with Confirmation/Reminder phone numbers on Quick Add
  • Agent roles can now see Schedule v1.0
  • Contracts List grid now refreshes after updating a record
  • Improvements to the way Schedule 2.0 handles start and end of DST
  • Improved error messaging for imports from .csv files
  • Fixed an issue where appointment notifications were being generated for an unscheduled appointment in On-Deck
  • Resolved an issue where Parent Account wasn’t being loaded on the Account Details page.
  • Resolved an issue with dark theme
  • Improved Confirmation page on Quick Add
  • Removed Delete button from Order page for Agent roles
  • Improved padding around delete button on Campaign Filter Builder page.
  • Fixed an error clicking New Order button
  • Resolved an issue with addresses not saving in Quick Add

Hotfix: v6.5.6.1

Released: March 31st, 2021


  • Resolved issue where “estimate yearly revenue” was miscalculating for appointments set to recur annually

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